7 Super-Delicious Biryanis You Must Try In India

Calcutta Biryani

Kolkatta Biryani is known for its rich taste and essence. The style of making this rice item evolved from the Awadhi style. This Biryani is slightly yellowish in color and has a great history associated with the spices mixed in it. The distinct flavour and the combination of some exotic spices but on a lighter note make this a great meal for food lovers.

Sindhi Biryani

This stylish Biryani is known for its garnishing marvel. It is often made out of special meat and is normally served very hot. The rich aroma of the dish can lure any vegetarian to take a bite. It is garnished with a lot of dry fruits that include cashews and dry raisins. So, if you are hungry or if you plan to visit this beautiful country with rich heritage then do not miss the food here especially the Biryani.

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