7 Cars & SUVs to Look Forward Before the Year End

BANGALORE: Cars are often cherished by one as much as their partners where some are more particular about their drives. With globalization of Indian market, you can see and buy overseas models that were once just a thought. Indian and foreign companies are in a race this year, tying up the battle with in coming releases which includes compact SUV’s, sedans, sports vehicles and more.

Only two more months left to the New Year and some auto manufacturers may pause their launch dates till next year but some will launch it or unveil it before the New Year. Here are the cars and SUVs that are likely to be launched within next two months, reports Cartoq.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT S

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S is said to be the second sports car entirely developed by Mercedes-Benz and AMG together. This car is the replacement for the most famous SLS AMG and it is called the successor rather than replacement.

The looks of the AMG GT S resembles its elder brother in many ways but the iconic butterfly doors are swapped to normal ones. The power and speed is improved a lot in the newer generation AMG and it is on its way to become the next SLS AMG. ‘S’ is the sportier variant of new AMG GT and it is scheduled to be launched on November 24.

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