6 Home Remedies to Stay Safe This Monsoon

Every year monsoon is welcomed with great joy and enthusiasm as it brings that much needed relief from the blazing summer. Always be aware of the cons it brings, as monsoon rains can gift you a bag full of diseases if you’re careless about certain things. From minor diseases like common cold, fever to major ones like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and more, monsoon have all it takes to spoil your entire week or even longer. Irrespective of the age, everyone can fall ill during this time of the season and to avoid these anxious moments, being a bit too caring can help you in a big deal. Keeping good habits, practicing good personal hygiene, not walking in the rain, avoiding mosquitoes, cleanliness, drinking boiled water, filtered water, taking home-cooked food can help you from falling from water-bourne and air-bourne diseases.

Let’s know more about the precautions or home remedies that can help prevent these monsoon ailments. These home remedies can help you better from the allopathic treatments which may bring you side-effects.