5 Road Trips From Bangalore To Embark On!

 BANGALORE: Road trips have been an ongoing adventure that doesn’t fail to exhilarate the hearts of the young and veterans.

Be it a fixed venue or destination anywhere, the rush in the wind beckons us to journey onwards. Needless to say, the experience is one like no other, senses are reborn and the mind is set free from the manacles of reality. We return rejuvenated and are charged with a fresh take on what’s in store for us. In all probability, only a biker would know how a dog feels when he sticks his head out of a speeding car window, reports Grab House.

So if you don’t have plans over the weekend, embark on one of these 5 road trips from the city, which is sure to leave you begging for more.


Although this place stands clear of any direct public transportation, overcoming the hindrance is totally worth it when you feast your eyes on what lies HOGENAKKALbeyond. Hogenakkal lies 40 km from Dharmapuri, where it will take you through the several plantations and finally lead to the picturesque waterfall. This side has been vividly portrayed in a number of films; the overall distance is 180km.

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