5 Mysterious Caves of the World

Blue Caves, Greece

Situated on the west coast of Zakynthos Island, these striking caves at Greece is a treat for the eyes. These absolutely stunning caves are only accessible by boats and the scintillating blue waters of Adriatic Sea add more color to the existing beauty. The country Greece is best known for its beautiful wonders, mesmerizing landscapes and more and here sun, sea and earth meet to bring into being an astonishing spectacle which leaves you awestruck. Often the serene beauty makes you forget about the time you spent there, and you may not realize you just spent you entire day there. Definitely a visual treat for the photographers and couples!

Crystal Caves, Mexico

Discovered by the miners in 2000, this mysterious cave is 120m below ground level and these crystals are believed to be the largest in the world. Interestingly, the miners stopped mining after discovering this humongous cave and when scientists turned up at the site, they were astonished to notice the amount of bacteria that were recovered from the crystals. Unfortunately, these caves are not open for the visitors as the site is vulnerable to high heat from the depth of Earth. However, the cave was featured on the Discovery Channel program, ‘Naica: Beyond the Crystal Cave’ in 2011 and in History Channel program named ‘Life After People’.