5 Most Dangerous Roller Coasters in the World

Maybe you’re bored watching horror movies, which always follows a cliché style and it’s no longer scarier to you. But being an adrenaline junkie, to get that immense rush it’s better to experience a terrifying yet enjoyable roller coaster ride nearby. Thrill rides are fun if you are with the right spirited guys and I believe a roller coaster ride is always in your bucket-list.  If you are one looking at taking your adrenaline rush high, our article is the perfect read. We have mentioned about the world’s most thrilling roller coasters, brining you the most craziest and dangerous ones as not all the amusement parks have the thrilling roller coasters. Strictly it’s not for the soft hearted people; if you are one of them, stay away from these monstrous rides at any cost.

Formula Rossa (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Given the title of ‘the fastest roller coaster in the world’, this roller coaster has a top speed of 150 mph. Located at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, this ride accelerates from zero to top speed of 150 miles per hour in just five seconds. Woah! This stunning rise in acceleration is almost five times faster than the free fall. The track is made in the shape of the famous Italian track ‘Monza’ and it is 2.2 kilometers in length. The thrilling ride consists of four trains with four passenger cars and after the launch, it ascends 171 ft. hill and will cover the long track in 1.32 minutes.