5 Amazing Food Products from the Queen of Hill Stations

BENGALURU: Ooty is a land of enchant beauty, filled with natural greeneries, waterfalls, lakes, and mountains. Along with the natural beauty they also have unique styled bungalows, temples and old churches. With all these diverse characteristics and scenic beauty, this place has been alluring plenty of visitors day by day. Ooty is also well known for its groceries; people who are foodie and loves shopping can never come back without trying the food and drinks. It is an ideal place for growing tea plants because of the suitable weather and there are several other fresh products that attract the visitors. According to HappyTrips, here are five stuffs that tourists must purchase before heading back from Ooty.

Acres Wild Cheese

Ooty produces some of the best vegetarian, organic and pure cheese extracted from Jersey and Holstein cows’ milk. There are varieties of cheese available at various shops that are made manually in a farm owned by a family, such as: herb-infused varieties, feta and blue cheese.

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