10 Vacation Spots Perfect For College Students


There are glaciers and there are rivers, but Chadar, a stretch along the Zanskar River, is both. Its path links a series of villages in the remote Zanskar Valley. The Chadar trek is over ice, rock and water and is rated very highly by adventurers. Build your physical strength and stamina before you get there to have the gorgeous view of the valley and the experience you will never forget.


Ladakh is not open for travelling during all seasons of the year, but it is one of the ‘must visit’ destinations in India. The beautiful Pangong Lake has crystal clear freshwater surrounded by bright blue skies and fluffy clouds. The Yak safaris through the narrow valleys helps open visualize the breathtaking views of the scenic mountains.


While the excuse ‘It’s just a dip in the holy Ganga’ will probably not placate anxious family members, the town of Rishikesh is actually a very safe place to get adventurous. There are many experienced adventure sports operators who organize white water rafting and rappelling for people with different ability levels. But make sure you book your reservations in advance, as the town is an extremely popular vacation spot.

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