10 Facts About Mother Teresa We didn't Know Before

10 Facts About Mother Teresa We didn't Know Before
When we think of charity and compassion, one name that strikes us is Mother Teresa. She has been an inspiration yet an incredible leader who set an example to follow the 'practice what you preach' mantra religiously. This Roman Catholic nun was born as Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu in 1910. At a young age of 12 she determined to lead a spiritual life, post six years, she achieved it by becoming a missionary. In the processes of leading life to dedicate to religion, she underwent a lot of hardship and criticism as people forgot even she was a human being who has weaknesses like any of us. Some people went to an extent to question why is Mother Teresa being granted sainthood? But, isn't her charity and philanthropic work, worthy of appreciation? Here are ten lesser-known facts about Mother Teresa that probably we were not aware of.
1. Always Questioned Her Faith
Though being a nun, she doubted the existence of God. Several documents and letters that have been found prove that at various points in her life, Mother Teresa fell weak in her spirituality. She would question her faith and the existence of God. “Where is my faith? Even deep down … there is nothing but emptiness and darkness … If there be God—please forgive me. When I try to raise my thoughts to Heaven, there is such convicting emptiness that those very thoughts return like sharp knives and hurt my very soul,” she said. 
2. Left Her Home Once for All
At the age of 18, Mother Teresa desired to pursue her burning passion and took up missionary. She left her home to join the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ireland, also known as the Sisters of Loreto. Since then she didn't return to meet her mother and sister. Later, she arrived in India and began her novitiate in Darjeeling. Post that, she worked as a teacher in the Loreto Convent in Kolkata for nearly two decades following which she became the headmistress in 1944.
3. Dressed to Honour the Scavengers
Blue bordered white sari is what we remember when we think or even hear about her. As she has got registered in our mind in this dress code. Mother Teresa wore a blue-bordered white sari for the first time on 17 August 1948 and left Lorento Convent to begin her charity work. She chose this saree to honor the manual scavengers who would clean the toilets and open drainages back then. 
4. Lost her Father at Eight
Mother Teresa lost her father when she was eight years old. Her father was involved in Albanian-community politics in Ottoman Macedonia and it is believed that he was poisoned by the opposition parties. After her father's death, she grew close to her mother from whom she acquired the values, compassion, love towards needy. Her mother taught her not to eat a single mouth unless sharing it with others which she followed religiously.
5. She Was against Abortion
In one of the lectures she stated, "I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion." Many may not accept this in today's world. But, yes Mother Teresa had strongly objected abortion and contraception. This opinion of her brought in a lot of criticism from the public.
6. Received Ceremonial Limousine From Pope Paul VI
In 1964, when Pope Paul VI visited India, he went to meet Mother Teresa. But, she being busy with her regular work at a leper colony, didn't prioritize meet Pope over her work. Her dedication and sincerity impressed Pope and he offered his ceremonial limousine to her to help in the charitable work.
7. She Accepted Money from Thieves
It is mentioned in the book ‘The Missionary Position’ that Mother Teresa has accepted $500,000 from famed bilker Charles Keating. Later, she got to know through the Deputy District Attorney of Los Angeles that the money was stolen by Charles and the official had asked her to return the amount but she refused to even respond to it. She has also accepted $10,000 from John-Roger, a corrupt cult leader. 
8. Mother Teresa Underwent Exorcism
Yes! you read that right. In her, the later part of her life Mother Teresa had experienced temperamental issues and was reported to be raging over minor issues. Her mood was so erratic, that she was suspected to be demonic possessioned and she underwent an exorcism.
9. She Met Princess Diana Charles 
Mother Teresa met Princess Diana in New York during her last days. Coincidentally, both the ladies encountered death in the same period with just a week difference in other person's death. 
10. Voted as Most Admired Women for 18 times
In the Gallup's poll conducted on yearly basis. The Americans have voted her as one of the most admired women for 18 times.