10 'Exhilarating' Hill Stations Of South India

BANGALORE: All the work tension and city pollution tenses you daily, while your body craves rest in the arms of nature. Getaways are the places that take you away from your mechanical life and calm your senses. 

Going out of the country will be cool but will have a heavy bearing on your pockets, instead spend your time in the idealized locations of India. India is spread with beauty to take your words away, especially the hill stations of the South are famed tourist Hot-spots, reports WalkThroughIndia.

Enjoy your stay at these hill stations given below which will make your day and place in your hearts.

Araku Valley

Located at a distance of 120km from Visakhapatnam, Araku is a renowned scenic beauty. Dwelling in tree houses, roaming among the coffee plantation and visiting the much famed Borra caves are stress busters. Also the pollution here is less even though being a commercial tourist destination of South India.


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