YouTube to Shut 'Leanback' TV Web Interface

YouTube to Shut 'Leanback' TV Web Interface

YouTube has decided to pull the plug on its TV-friendly web interface, but has not specified any time. The web application is controlled with a remote and used with smart TVs and similar devices.

"If you watch YouTube using the Leanback interface on a home theatre PC, you might have to scrounge for an alternative. YouTube is warning visitors to the Leanback web portal that this version 'will be going away soon'," Engadget reported on Sunday quoting Android Police.

"This won't preclude you from watching YouTube, but you'll have to turn to another device if you want an interface that's easier to navigate from across the living room," it said.

Leanback TV interface for the web is what let Amazon Fire TV products to still access YouTube after Google withdrew its official app.

The Google-owned video streaming giant has not specified a reason for discontinuing the service. But, according to Android Police, it seems likely that this is an attempt by Google to limit streaming boxes, home theatre PCs and other TV-based devices from accessing YouTube unless there is some licencing agreement between manufacturer and Google.

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Source: IANS