Why Brahmos Missile gives Sleepless Nights to our Neighboring Countries


BENGALURU: India and Russia signed an agreement at BRICS 2016 summit at Goa to build Brahmos missiles with the range of 600km. Currently Brahmos have the capability to hit a target within the range of 300km. This defense agreement is signed after India became a member of MTCR group. Brahmos is a supersonic cruise missile build on a joint venture of India and Russia. The Economic Times analyses, why these Brahmos missiles scare other countries.

Brahmos are the most powerful and deadly weaponry of Indian Army, which is very lethal for its precision strike capability. It works on the principle of ‘fire and forget’ that means just lock the target and fire. It will destroy it without any extra control. An arsenal like Brahmos in its weaponry gives India an operational advantage to destroy any enemy target in the hidden and difficult terrains.

The current hitting capability of Brahmos missile is 290 km and can move with a maximum velocity of 2.8 Mach at the altitude from 10m to 15km. Indian warships are equipped with the Brahmos missiles in a configuration of eight or 16 each, while sets of two or four are equipped to go with the smaller vessels. DRDO explained that Brahmos missiles can be launched from any platform, like sea, land, and air with the help of submarines, aircraft, mobile launchers, and ships to destroy targets on land and sea.

Indian Army already has three Brahmos regiments into its weaponry. All regiments are equipped with Block-III missile tested on May 8 and May 9, 2016. The Federal State Unitary Enterprise NPOM, Russia, and DRDO, India, build these Brahmos missiles by a joint venture. The biggest threat other countries takes is that this missile doesn't need any further guidance once fired. It will destroy the target without even sighting the target. Therefore, our enemies are scared of these missiles and the example is the reaction of China when a report floated that India is going to deploy Brahmos at China border in Arunachal Pradesh.

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