Why Apple iPhone XR Should Be Your Next Device

Why Apple iPhone XR Should Be Your Next Device

Advantages of using a smartphone are quite obvious today. No wonder that people long for more and more advanced features. Apple iPhone XR is a good upgrade opportunity for this brand’s fans who want an even smarter device. The company is consistent in its dedication to leave physical buttons in the past. This model perfectly complies with the concept. In this single-SIM smartphone, you can find both unrivaled display graphics and cutting-edge software features.

User-Friendly Improvements

Apple iPhone XR has been designed with unprecedented customer satisfaction in mind. Moderate dimensions of its water- and dust-resistant body will be hailed by many as a universal yet very handy solution. Along with a sleeker look, the model offers multiple software advancements too. Now, you will have to get used to managing without the Home button available in earlier models, which is an advantageous approach though. Also, face identification has been implemented.

As soon as you turn on the device, easier navigation and faster operation become obvious. The effect has been achieved via the latest mobile operating system version, iOS 12. To make the user experience as personal as possible, a number of advanced personalization tools have been added.

Cutting-Edge Features

A summary of the most prominent features that can make Apple iPhone XR a dream choice for smartphone users looks like this:

  • A modified backlight design.
  • The ultimate color matching.
  • The Face ID feature has been introduced. Based on a cutting-edge recognition algorithm, it can be used to unlock your device, log in an app or make a payment.
  • Wireless charging is available in this model. To take advantage of this revolutionary technology, you will have to buy a Qi charger sold separately.
  • Both the operating system and the integrated A12 Bionic processor use machine learning to achieve an unprecedented level of user experience when managing your media files, playing games or enjoying augmented reality.
  • The device has two cameras, the front (7 MP) and rear (12 MP) ones. Due to using such hi-tech solutions as Depth Control algorithm, Portrait Lighting, Smart HDR and a Portrait mode, they respond quickly and deliver top-quality results.

If you want to take a closer look at these and other benefits offered by this device, follow the link for more details.

Why Apple iPhone XR Is Special

This model caused a real boom in 2018, since that was a cheaper alternative to the X version. While the offer is a good opportunity to save almost $300, an average user will hardly notice any differences in terms of look or features. The cost saving has been achieved primarily due to providing a cheaper screen technology, which is not a reason to fret though, as it has been successfully used in previous version. You may expect a top user experience traditionally associated with this brand’s devices. Therefore, if you have a limited budget but do not want to switch to Android, consider iPhone XR to stay an Apple community member.