What we can learn from local bitcoin communities

What we can learn from local bitcoin communities

Local events as the ones in Southern California are essential to the Bitcoin community's continued development.

The ranges and size of what happens worldwide are also increasing as Bitcoin prices continue to grow.

Although Bitcoin is a macro-scale phenomenon with significant economic and historical implications, we should not fail to pay attention to the use of technology by the communities.

The OC Bitcoin will host a Bitcoin paid launch party for its Nexx Burger restaurant in Newport Beach, California, on the 24th of April. The case, supported by Bitcoin Is and Strike, with music from Bitrefill, is an example of the growing scope and potential effect of Bitcoin and Quantum AI app in the region.

I was lucky to talk to a couple who organized this event and gave me a wonderful insight into various aspects of bitcoin locality. I was very excited about how I met the people who organized this event and the way I did it.

Firstly Dimitrios Politis, CEO of Nexx Burgers, explained why he decided to start accepting Bitcoin:

How did you hear about Bitcoin first, and how did you feel about it?

"I first came from a good friend to Bitcoin in December 2017. He explained what Bitcoin was developed and how it functioned. And I saw how Bitcoin could be transformed into a revolutionary digital currency. Last year in March, I started diving into Bitcoin and have always learned since."

When did you decide that Bitcoin was right for your company?

"Nexx Burger will now research and refine Bitcoin until it becomes a commonplace completely."

What have you had so far in the Bitcoin community?

"The culture of Bitcoin was amazing. Brian of the Bitcoin Network of the Orange County helped me to learn more about Bitcoin."

Bitcoin local development and usage is paramount for the macro-scale acceptance of Bitcoin. Indeed, Bitcoin began as an email list-subscribed network for Cypherpunks. These small interactions formed the basis for earth shifting and showed a continuing need to expand the network.

If Bitcoin is to be embraced across the globe, the microeconomies around us must be converted. George Mekhail from Bitcoin Is, an advocate and knowledge source for Bitcoin's circular economy, spoke about what it looked like. For more information on bitcoin community,

When did you first become interested in Bitcoin? Where do you see yourself in the Bitcoin community?

"Since 2017, I have been in Bitcoin. I am most excited to help grow Bitcoin communities and make moral arguments for Bitcoin while empowering people to get out of the corrupt economy of fiat. I'm also co-author of "Thanks to God for Bitcoin: Creative Money and Corruption."

How did you encourage Bitcoin to start with?

"Russell Okung and I were searching in September 2019 for the best ways of dealing with Bitcoiners. We decided to organize a final minute event in L.A. to help newbies to learn about the best voices in the space. Bitcoin is already working with a handful of startups, providing tools to get people started and consults countrywide meetings."

It educates people to become a "circular Bitcoin economy." Could you explain what?

"The circular economy of Bitcoin is the economy beyond the legacy fiat structure. This is a new paradigm which encourages people to save their hard-earned sats money and encourages sellers who accept payments from the BTC."

Why does this matter?

"Society will switch to sound money, which will result in an economic change when enough people take this view. In a Bitcoin circular economy, products and services are inexpensive as savings and purchase powers improve rather than undermine our currency in terms of the existing model of rescue and incentives."

The continued mission in Southern California to empower business owners through the Bitcoin circular economy is underway. Bitcoin supporters are responsible for encouraging and expressing the strong wish to continue to expand access to Bitcoin payment systems in local economies. The event in Newport Beach is just one example of the local Bitcoin meetings that can be popular — past meetings have shaped a company into embracing Bitcoin. Maybe now, more companies are looking to imitate the successful use of the technique.


Bitcoin is a global, interconnected, and expansive network and technology. The complexity and size of what is happening worldwide have grown in tandem with bitcoin prices.

Although Bitcoin is a macro-scale phenomenon with far-reaching economic and historical implications, community technology adoption should not be overlooked.