What Are The Top Car Technologies In India?

Nowadays, car customers have a tendency to examine all the technologies inside the car rather than just caring about its powertrain. To say that does not mean to underestimate the importance of the motor system, which still plays an important part in deciding the vehicle’s popularity among the auto buyers.

However, it is even more essential that drivers understand how sophisticated car technologies operate to properly interact with them. This has encouraged us to list here the seven top automotive technologies in India.

Connected Mobile Applications

Smartphones have altered the way we live and also the way we drive including how we interact with the vehicles. Connected smartphone applications are provided by almost all automakers in their modern models.

It is advisable that you should opt for the cars which allow you to lock, unlock the car and check the conditions of tire pressure, fuel, etc from a faraway distance. Remember to ask whether this service is offered with a monthly or yearly subscription, which can vary, depending on each carmaker.

Introduced by Honda in 2015 and by Toyota in 2017, it is not a new technology in automobile in India. The recently launched Hyundai Venue also offers the BlueLink system with 33 modern features, 10 of which are specifically made for India. This system is connected with a mobile application and allows the users to conduct many advanced functions with their car.

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Vehicle Tracking System

According to Delhi police data, 125 cars were stolen each day in Delhi, only a small fraction of which have been found. This raises the auto customers’ awareness of the necessity of a vehicle tracking system, which is an automotive technology provided for the purpose of detecting the specific location of a car which has been stolen.

Divyashakti Enterprise is a well-known Gujarat-based GPS Vehicle Tracker provider in India. Their vehicle tracking system makes use of GPS technology to pinpoint the correct location of the vehicle, which can be received on electronic maps through the Internet or the software provided by the company.

red white truck vehicle tracking system

Vehicle tracking system can help you correctly locate your car in case it is stolen.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Infotainment systems offered by most manufacturers support Android Auto from Google and CarPlay from Apple. All you need to do is to plug in your smartphone and it will mirror many features of your device on the display.

These are very popular modern features which are available in a wide range of affordable vehicles, including the bestsellers like the Maruti Swift, Maruti Wagon R, Hyundai Creta and Hyundai Venue. With these features, you can get access to maps, music, and your phone’s voice features in a simple way without using the smartphone physically.

Actually, many carmakers have made efforts to offer these car technologies in all of their models but not all base variants are equipped with them.

Maruti car Apple Carplay

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are two popular car technologies which are offered on almost all models nowadays.

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Automatic Emergency Braking

AEB utilizes numerous sensors to detect any imminent collisions and autonomously brakes the car to reduce the impacts of the crash. While the system is really useful, you should not totally rely on it to stop the car. Instead, consider it to be the last resort in case the driver is not paying enough attention.

While this car tech is required to be offered in all cars in India from 2022; nowadays, many auto manufacturers already offer it on their models. Since this feature can save your life, it is of great importance and should be treated as one of the top priorities when you consider buying a car.

car with automatic emergency braking

Automatic emergency braking allows the vehicle to autonomously brake when it detects any imminent obstacles.

360-Degree Camera

Crashes at low speeds, especially during parking, are very common. To make the parking process of car drivers much easier, an amazing automotive technology has been equipped on some of the newer vehicles: the 360-degree (around-view) camera. As its name suggests, it can provide you with the view from all angles and helps you a lot when parking in a limited space.

This system is so important that it has appeared in even reasonably-priced cars nowadays. Some of the representatives in the Indian auto industry to be available with this car tech are the Nissan Kicks and the upcoming MG Hector  which will be launched in the next few days.

2019 MG Hector interior 360-degree camera

The MG Hector offers a 360-degree camera which will help the driver a lot in the parking process.

Adaptive Cruise Control

It is not easy to drive in a country like ours, which has its fair share of congested roads. However, adaptive cruise control, an advanced driver assist system, makes the driving experience much less stressful.

Thanks to a series of sensors in this system, the speed of the front car can be matched by the adaptive cruise control, thereby saving you from repeatedly hitting the gas and brake on the highway.

Some systems even help the car automatically stop and resume the original speed, which makes the traffic on the roads much less annoying. In an effort to make advanced safety automotive technology become standard on all cars on sale in India, adaptive cruise control will be one of the mandatory safety features on all vehicles in India by 2020.

car with adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control is a very useful car technology when driving on the highway.

Lane Departure Warning

In the process of driving, there are many factors which can distract you from your main activity. Only a minor stereo channel changing or a child asking for your attention can result in your paying less attention to driving than required.

Lane departure warning utilizes cameras to detect and give audible or visual alerts when you move out of your lane. A more advanced automotive technology, called lane keep assist, which will become a compulsory safety feature on all cars in India from October this year, even directs you back to the correct lane.

car interior lane departure warning

The lane departure warning system gives the driver a signal when the car moves out of its lane.

Above is a list of seven top modern car technologies in India. Basically, after a price point, one should not have too much difficulty in finding a car which is equipped with all of these features. Not all of them might be useful at all times but on some occasions, these features will be of great use. Therefore, always look for these features when considering investing in a new car.

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