What are the advantages of using Bitcoin?

What are the advantages of using Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that provides anonymous, fast and convenient payments. Let us consider the main advantages of Bitcoin over traditional currencies.       

The advantages of using Bitcoin

On the Internet, you can find many tips for investing in specific coins, but their quality is not always high. Let us remember the main advantages of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. At the same time, it is necessary to talk about the main issues in this market.

1. Security, Reliability and Encryption

Information on the Bitcoin network is well protected. No one knows the identity of the sender or recipient. The encryption system ensures the complete anonymity of transaction participants.

2. Low transaction fees

No matter how many tokens are transferred, transaction fees are very low or non-existent. In addition, there are no subscription fees, limits, and other restrictions.

3. Speed of transactions

Payment is very fast, and in most cases payment is instant. Therefore, another person will receive them within a few minutes.

4. Convenient mobile payments

There is a mobile wallet through which you can send bitcoins instantly and store coins safely in it.

5. Lack of intermediaries

Bitcoin eliminates the need for any third parties and intermediaries. Only the sender and the receiver-the only parties involved in the transmission.

6. Get started quickly

In order to start receiving and sending BTC, you only need to download the wallet app. that's it. In order to use the money, you do not need to verify your identity, upload files or register or Bitcoin Equaliser login in.

7 decentralized network

Decentralization means that no one controls the Bitcoin network. Unlike centralized structures, no one has the right to single-handedly make any changes.

8. Full control over funds

Unlike bank transfers, Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed, frozen or cancelled. Unlike funds in a bank account, BTC stored in a cold wallet cannot be invested without your knowledge.

9. Complete transparency

For digital transactions, the commission is shown before the transfer. You cannot withdraw "extra" interest without the client's knowledge or double conversion of funds. The exact transfer amount will be known immediately and is final. You can monitor the progress of the transaction in real time.

10. Worldwide coverage

No need for expensive banking infrastructure to make digital payments. The Internet, smartphones and wallets are sufficient for transactions. This makes it possible to transfer money anywhere in the world, and transaction costs do not depend on distance, which is different from banks, which charge huge fees for international transfers.

11. Lack of financial censorship

In the Bitcoin network, there are no restrictions on the number of addresses, the number of wallets, the transfer amount, or the balance of funds. No one controls who and who transfers coins from.

12. Bitcoin code is publicly available

Bitcoin's open source code allows anyone to control the correctness of entries and check the code for loopholes or errors.

13. Political independence

Bitcoin does not depend on the political and economic situation of the state, and is not affected by currency or national exchange rate fluctuations. It is not affected by central bank monetary policy, economic recession or default. Bitcoin is another way to preserve capital.

14 zero inflation effect

For the same reason, Bitcoin is not affected by inflation in the traditional sense. Approximately 20 million bitcoins are available for mining, and more than 60% have been mined. The halving reduces the inflation process.

The volatility of Bitcoin is affected by other factors. Tokens tend to grow and spread widely, protecting users' funds during times of economic instability.

15. Blockchain

The underlying blockchain technology of Bitcoin allows the creation of decentralized services in all areas of the economy. The traditional financial system is already experimenting with its possibilities and has noticed many advantages and prospects. According to experts, blockchain will enter daily life in the near future and will replace all existing services, just as the Internet once broke into people's daily lives.

16. Full control over your funds

In most cases, you cannot manage your property without your consent, which will be punished by law. However, once you sell your property, that is, exchange it for money, the new rules will come into play. You can manage your money. Including, this is quite legal. You can freeze your bank account or cancel the transaction.

Invest your money without any notice, or give it to interested parties. The information about the money in the account is just a record that the bank owes you, and you no longer have control. It is more difficult to carry out such operations with cash, but even if you do not put the cash in your pocket, banks can reduce purchasing power by issuing new currencies. Essentially, it erodes your share of ownership.

17. Bitcoins Cannot be Stolen

Only the owner can change the ownership address of bitcoins. No one can pilfer Bitcoins except they have the user's computer physical access and send the bitcoins to registered account. Dissimilar the system of traditional currency, where access to finance requires only a few verification details, the system requires physical access, making it very difficult to steal.

18. Eliminate opacity 

When checking bank account balances, you can usually find small differences in smaller directions for customers.

When contacting the support staff, it is usually found that this is some kind of technical overdraft when withdrawing funds. Even if the customer has disabled overdraft. Usually, through international transfers, banks or payment systems will automatically exchange currencies in their own way, which is far from the most favorable exchange rate. Sometimes even double conversion occurs, that is, the funds are first converted to the local currency and then converted to the currency denominated in the transfer.


The cost of creating a new cryptocurrency or changing an existing cryptocurrency is much lower than fighting against it. Don't underestimate the ability of the country, if they want, they will certainly have enough power to destroy the same Bitcoin in its current form.