Vestige programme to empower hearing and speech impaired entrepreneurs

Vestige programme to empower hearing and speech impaired entrepreneurs

Vestige, India’s leading home-grown direct selling company, has launched a custom-built e-training programme called V-Enhance.

This special training programme helps distributors with hearing and speech impairment to augment their understanding about Vestige Marketing's health and wellness products and their benefits through sign language.

The aim is to empower and support them to sell products with utmost confidence and build a rewarding and sustainable career with Vestige.  This unique initiative will help them realise their own potential to become successful and self-reliant entrepreneurs in the future.

According to the company's founder and Managing Director Gautam Bali, "Vestige has provided equal opportunity to a diverse range of people globally and there are thousands of extraordinary success stories that highlight the same.

"For us, each distributor joining the system is a valued partner in our business. So, we feel that it is our duty to provide the differently abled a platform where they can equally grow. V-Enhance has been conceptualised with that very idea of providing equal opportunity to everyone."

The two-month-long training programme covers the various health and wellness product categories offered by Vestige. There are multiple trainings every week covering topics like women's health, immunity, detoxification & rejuvenation, glycemic health, fitness and diet and many more.

Source: IANS