UTS Backs Pollinate Energy to Improve the Livelihood of Urban Slum & Undeserved Village Populace in India

UTS Insearch, a pathway college of University of Technology Sydney (UTS) collaborates with Bangalore-headquartered social enterprise, Pollinate Energy in its goal to directly impact one million lives in urban slums and undeserved villages by 2020. With this association, Pollinate Energy will launch its own training programs and materials to help ‘Hive Managers’, who lead local sales team of Pollinators to sell basic amenities, excel in their management roles, taking charge of 5-15 Pollinator team members. Through intensive training, the teams will be able to expand the reach to 4,000 families by year 2020.

Alexie Seller, Co-Founder & CEO, Pollinate Energy, says, “Our Hive Training Program is one big step towards our goal to empower 1,000 women by 2020, and we are thrilled to have UTS Insearch as one of our key supporters. We are focusing on improving the skills of our current managers who will become future leaders of growth for the company. Partnering with a professional education institution helps us quickly and effectively develop the training and curriculum needed to meet our goal”.

Being the leading education partner for this new training program, UTS Insearch will be supporting more than 50 percent of the funding required over the next two years. A dynamic and innovative university based in Sydney, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has a distinct model of learning, outstanding research performance and a leading reputation for engagement with industry and the professions.

Speaking about the partnership, Belinda Howell, Chief Market Development Officer, UTS Insearch, says, “We have always encouraged deep partnerships between India and Australia with the goals of sustainable growth towards a better future. The idea of using renewable energy and social entrepreneurship to create better living conditions for urban slums dwellers is incredible. UTS students have also participated in various Pollinate Fellowships Programs in the past, and we have supported the Fellowship program for four years. The new financial support for the Hive training program is a further commitment towards this cause”.

Established in 2012, Pollinate Energy brings life-changing products to people who need them most and it provides access to sustainable products, empower local entrepreneurs to be a positive force for change in undeserved communities, and make social business enterprises mainstream by raising awareness and supporting the next generation of social entrepreneurs. Pollinate Energy also gives a unique opportunity for women with low incomes to increase their income, increase mobility and learn valuable business skills that can be developed into positions of leadership.

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