UP government implements the state's first agroforestry policy

UP government implements the state's first agroforestry policy
The government of Uttar Pradesh is in the process of introducing the state's inaugural agroforestry policy. The policy will encourage farmers to plant trees alongside their crops on agricultural land. According to sources in the forest department, the policy has been finalized and will soon be presented to the cabinet for approval. The Yogi government is committed to promoting agroforestry, which offers numerous benefits.
The primary benefit of the plantation drive is that it contributes to the increase in green cover. Since 2017, the state government has included agroforestry (planting trees outside forest areas) as one of the essential components of the annual plantation drives. Farmers are offered free saplings of their choice to plant on their land. Out of the 163 crore trees planted in the state since 2017, a total of 105 crore have been planted outside the forest areas.
"If green cover has to be increased in the state, trees need to be planted in huge numbers outside the forest. At least 70 percent of non-forest land may be with farmers", the government spokesman said, adding that motivating farmers to plant on their land is the key content of the policy.
Agroforestry will increase farmers' income, promote the tree-based industry, improve the quality of soil and environment, promote research in forestry, and generate employment. The policy will promote the commercial plantation of trees outside the forest. The forest department will rope in NGOs to reach out to farmers and create awareness on types of tree species to be planted under agroforestry, nurturing trees, and sourcing high-quality planting material, among others.
The Forest Department has collaborated with forestry research institutes to introduce high-yielding species of trees such as neem, bamboo, and others. The Yogi government has taken significant steps in the forestry sector over the past six years, including implementing the first forest policy for Uttar Pradesh after the division of Uttarakhand. In 1998, the Forest Policy for the undivided Uttar Pradesh was implemented. Additionally, the state's first agroforestry policy will be introduced, marking another important milestone in the forestry sector.
Source: IANS