UK launches programme to push forward 5G in rural areas

UK launches programme to push forward 5G in rural areas

The UK government announced on Tuesday that it has launched competition to promote 5G applications in the rural areas.

In this 30 million pound programme, up to 10 rural locations will be chosen to run innovative trials of 5G applications and stimulate commercial investment in 5G technology which offers mobile speeds 10 to 20 times faster than previous generations, according to the government. 

5G technology is already being used in some remote areas of Britain. For example, the 5G trials are showing how farming can be transformed through targeted crop-spraying and soil analysis with drones and tractors in Shropshire, Xinhua news agency reported.

"In modern Britain people expect to be connected wherever they are. And so we're committed to securing widespread mobile coverage and must make sure we have the right planning laws to give the UK the best infrastructure to stay ahead," said Nicky Morgan, Digital Secretary of UK. 

Meanwhile, the government has also launched a consultation on proposals to simplify planning rules to improve rural mobile coverage.

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Source: IANS