Top 15 Questions to Ask When Hiring Packers And Movers

Top 15 Questions to Ask When Hiring Packers And Movers

Have you recently been planning to move to a new place? Or are you planning to relocate your office? Whatever the case if you have been planning to move your home or your office to a new place then it is quite obvious that you might definitely be a little stress. Most individuals will suggest you to simply hire a company of movers and packers and place a certain portion of your worry on them.

However, this is more easily said than done as hiring a company of movers and packers can further bring with itself a number of worries for you. You might worry whether the company is genuine or licensed or not? You might worry about whether the employees will handle all your stuff with care or not and many other worries.

But if you wish to put all these worries to rest then one of the best ways to do that is by asking some of the most specific and important questions from the movers and packers company in chennai that you have hired or you are going to hire. We have come up with just the right list of question that you should ask when hiring movers and packers.

And That’s The list of Questions to be asked before Hiring Packers and Movers:

Are you a registered or a licensed company?

Hiring the services of a movers and packers company can be a rather tricky business since there are a number of frauds out there.

However, one of the best ways to safeguard yourself from such frauds is by making sure that you only hire a movers and packers company which is licensed.

How many years of experience do you have in this business?

One of the best ways through which you can ensure that all your stuff will be handled properly is by making sure that the company you hire must have a substantial amount of experience.

This will make sure that the employees of that company will know about how to handle the various types of furniture pieces or other stuff that you might have in your home or your office.

Can you provide some references for your services?

If you are planning on hiring a movers and packers company that has some experience then chances are that they would also have a number of references lined up. And contacting one of those people mentioned in that list of references can further be quite beneficial for you. This could help you in getting a better perspective as to how this company proceeds with its projects.

It can also help you in knowing about the quality of service that this company has provided to its customers earlier. This is one of the most important questions that you should ask any Movers and Packers Company that you plan to hire.

What are the terms and conditions for your services?

It is a known fact that most of the honest companies which have been in the business for a considerable amount of time always keep a list of their terms and conditions of their services ready.

And you should make sure of the fact that you go through this list of terms and conditions properly just so that you do not have any kind of nasty surprises waiting for you later.

What kind of documents will I be receiving before the agreed moving day?

Most of the movers and packers company provide all their customers with a number of documents like the contract, the moving itinerary, and other documents that entails the commitments.

And it is always a good idea to ensure that you get all those documents before the moving day itself.

What are your price quotes?

Before you go ahead and sign any particular contract, it is important for you to know about all the little things that any movers and packers company might be charging you for.

This will further help you in understanding the bill that you receive in a better way.

How do you calculate the price structure?

There are a number of movers and packers companies out there. And each of those companies has their own way of charging the customers. This is why it is important for you to further be aware of how any particular company might come up with the price structure that they have presented you with.

Some of the companies decide their price structure on the basis of the distance, other companies might focus more on the size of the apartment, and there are further many other ways or factors that might be responsible for the price structure.

Is the estimate binding or non-binding in nature?

Most of the movers and packers companies will provide you with an estimate of the cost for their services. However, some of those companies might provide you with estimates that are binding in nature.

This just means that they do not tend to go beyond the cost that is mentioned in the estimate. And in case of a non-binding estimate, most of the time the customer does end up paying more than what was mentioned earlier in the estimate. Asking this question can help an individual in being more prepared for the cost that can come their way.

Are there any kinds of extra charges?

Most of the movers and packers companies have a rather straightforward charging pattern. But there are also a few cases where such companies have different extra charges like the elevator charges, flight charges, long carrying charges, charges depending upon the flight of stairs, and many other kinds of extra charges.

And it is not a good idea to have those charges thrown at you once the bill is presented. Hence, you should make sure that you have all the knowledge about the extra charges that the movers and packers company you hire might have.

What is the delivery date and time?

It goes without saying that while relocating you would prefer all your stuff to be arrived safely and on time. And this is one of the biggest reasons behind why you should make sure to ask the movers and packers company that you plan on hiring about the delivery date and time.

This delivery date and time can depend upon a number of factors like if you are moving locally, the traffic, the number of stuff you have, and many other factors.

Do you outsource?

Outsourcing is a phenomenon in which a company provides goods or services by having a contract from with a different company. There are a number of companies today that outsource their projects. And it is extremely important for you to know whether the company that you hire outsources its projects or not.

Being aware of this fact will help you in carrying out the conversations in an easy manner and without any kind of discrepancies.

Do you provide a transit or full liability insurance?

Sometimes an individual can choose to be as careful as possible and still he or she might end up breaking or damaging a few kinds of stuff that you might have.

And to ensure that even in such cases you do not suffer any loss it is important for you to ask the movers and packers company about the kind of insurance that they offer. They are majorly two types of insurances. And both of those types of insurances are mentioned below.

Transit Liability: This type of insurance covers damages that might happen during the entire transportation process

Full Liability: This type of insurance is usually pricey but it covers the cost of all the damages throughout the entire packing and moving process

What are the terms of the payment?

Most of the movers and packers companies have rather flexible payment terms as they often are fine with an advance before the packing and the moving. And once the services are provided then they get their full payment.

However, there are also a number of companies that expect the full payment to be made before the services are provided. Hence, you should always ask about the terms of payment from the company that you plan to hire.

What happens in case of a delay?

You must have heard that the movers and packers companies always tend to delay delivering your stuff on time and they further give a number of excuses.

And this is why you should make sure to ask about what kind of penalties the company will be liable to pay you if they cause some kind of delay in the delivery services. This particular question can help in safeguarding your own interests.

What are the operating terms of your company?

Some companies specialize in moving locally, some specialize in moving across states, and others specialize in moving across international borders. And this is why it is important for you to hire the company on the exact basis of your needs.

If you are moving locally then you should approach a local Movers and Packers Company as that will be more beneficial for you.

These are all the major 15 questions that you should ask before hiring the services of any Movers and Packers company.

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