Top 10 Countries Worst Hit By Terrorism

BENGALURU: Terrorism has now become one of the emerging faiths in the world. Be it the latest Yemen crisis, older Arab Spring or the ever increasing terror organizations, at the end of the day it is the common citizens of the country who are worst affected by their actions.

In today’s globalised world one cannot segregate between the affects of terrorism on one country over the other. But certainly there are few nations which are often targeted. The following is a list of worst affected nations due to terrorism given by IntelCenter, a U.S. based private contractor for intelligence agencies.

Egypt10. Egypt

Country’s Threat Index (CTI) Score: 74

Ever since Hosni Mubarak’s eviction from the dictatorship and Egyptian Revolution in 2011, Egypt has never been in peace. The affects of the Arab Spring on Egypt are needless to mention. Mohammed Morsi who folled Mubarak was the country’s first democratically elected leader, whose term was also plagued with political turmoil. He was eventually ousted in a country that is deeply polarized.

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