Tips to save some money while living in Kolkata

Tips to save some money while living in Kolkata

Alright, if you are moving to Kolkata due to your job demanding you to, or you moved there to pursue further studies, it doesn't mean you can’t save a little money from your monthly allowance or salary. Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is one of those cities considered to be the most affordable. Considering all utility and other expenses that may incur in this city, your monthly expenditure in this fabulous city would trickle down from ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 10,000.

While the rental prices may be sky-high in other cities, the opposite seems to be happening in Kolkata. Now, if you decide to rent out a place in one of the nicer areas of the town, it can set you back for as little as ₹ 2,500, and if you're Uber rich, then up to ₹ 3,00,000 a month. Also, you’ll have one time expense if you take furniture on rent in Kolkata.

Of course, all these prices can differ from area to area and house to house. If you are to go for the one-bedroom houses on the lower end, it can set you up for a minimum of ₹ 4,000 up to ₹ 10,000 monthly. You can search “AC on rent near me” online if you wish for one.

If you decide to transport your bike with you via train, then you are sorted. If you're one of those with no means of private transportation in the city, availing the benefits of the public transportation system. One can choose many modes of transport which are bound to take you wherever you need to go. By far, the most pocket-friendly and time-saving of these is to take the local electric train, which is a familiar addition to the arsenal of transport in the city. Kolkata also has evergreen trams, taxis, retro rickshaws, and buses. So to traverse through the city, monthly prices can be around ₹ 500. It can be lesser than that or even more than that, though.

Now it is obvious that one will need food and water for sustenance, and the best place to go shopping would be the old market where one can buy anything, from some very interesting books to a plethora of food items to devour. Markets like these are open daily and can be visited anytime to restock supplies.

Are you a huge sports fan? Then you will be happy to know at Kolkata is also very popularly known as the "Football City of India." And to stand by that name, the world's second-largest stadium happens to be situated here. If you like to sit back and relax, we have you covered on that end with the ever-interesting book fairs, theatres, cosy libraries, and even museums. Of course, visiting any of these places doesn't cost you a lot, so you can always count on a small nook where you can go to escape reality.