Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

Every business wants to increase its Instagram following. Many benefits result from a large following, which is why small and large companies alike try to amass more followers. Individuals may do the same to grow their following before launching a business, as it gives them a head start when they take this leap.

People use many methods to achieve this goal. Some are easier than others. The use of hashtags is one way to draw more attention. However, a person or business might wish to look into paid followers as they wait for the hashtags to produce the desired effects. How can these methods help to generate more traffic and more followers?

Paid Followers

The easiest and fastest way to grow an Instagram following is to invest in paid followers. When doing so, choose a reputable company to partner with. This provider should deliver the followers instantly and ensure they are of high quality.

Fake Instagram accounts don't benefit a business, but many companies try to sell businesses this type of follower. They think it is an easy way to make money and often have gone out of business when the purchaser realizes they have been scammed. Consider customer service when choosing which company to buy these followers from, as help may be needed. When it is, a robust customer service department is needed to provide this help.

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Use Different Hashtag Types

Hashtags allow users to find content that might interest them quickly and easily. The hashtags increase visibility and engagement while allowing users to connect with other people who share their interests. However, there are different types of hashtags, and business owners need to know when to use each one.

Broad hashtags are popular, and the target audience might search for them. Relevant audiences enter these hashtags to find posts that might interest them. Never use a hashtag that isn't relevant to the post just to draw more attention, as doing so could harm the business rather than help it.

Branded hashtags, in contrast, are designed with existing followers in mind. They help these followers find posts from the brand. Use them when hosting a giveaway or for tracking purposes. Ensure each post linked to the branded hashtag fully represents the brand. Some additional individuals find the brand when they come across these posts, but branded hashtags aren't as useful as broad hashtags when it comes to achieving this goal.

Niche hashtags are designed with a very specific group in mind. While they will be seen by fewer Instagram users, the business owner feels confident they are being seen by the right audience.

Long-tail hashtags are beneficial in reaching users looking for a specific thing. Local hashtags find consumers in the general area, while universal hashtags on posts may draw in a large viewer audience. However, only a small portion of this audience will actually convert to followers.

Don't Overdo It

Hashtags are fun, so a business owner might be tempted to list multiple hashtags at the bottom of each post. Only use a few hashtags per post, and don't use the same ones every time. Mix them up a bit to keep them interesting.

If a business uses the same hashtags each time, people will lose interest. They may have to go through multiple posts to find the one they are looking for and feel as if their time is being wasted.

Use humor at times when creating hashtags. Other situations call for a hashtag that reflects the brand voice. At times, a hashtag is only there for aesthetic reasons. Although a person might feel this mixture is a waste of their time, as they must come up with different hashtags for different posts, nothing is further from the truth. The mix keeps things interesting and has people coming back for more.

Create an Actionable Branded Hashtag

A follower-friendly branded hashtag is of benefit. It allows users to share the hashtag in their posts. UPS has a branded hashtag #upsdogs that draws people in because who doesn't love to see a dog? Followers can share photos of their dogs with the local UPS man. The brand benefits with each post that contains the hashtag, as this means the business gets more exposure, and more exposure leads to more followers.

Hashtags are beneficial for building a brand. In addition, a business can use them to track marketing campaign performance and connect with the desired audience. Begin using hashtags on Instagram posts, keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind to see how they help grow followers.