Thepackersmovers: Simplifying the hiring process of packers and movers in India

Thepackersmovers: Simplifying the hiring process of packers and movers in India is one of the oldest directories in India that has been safely relocating people with its thousands of verified moving companies. They have associations with packers and movers across India that they personally verify before providing their quotations to customers.

The directory has recently undergone major changes and adapted to the latest hiring methods. From being one of India's oldest and most experienced directories, as it has existed since 2006, the company has become a new-age directory.

There are multiple things to know about if someone wants their relocation to be safe, hassle-free, and timely. We have shared all the details below that one needs to know about Thepackersmovers

Why was started?

The company started to make the relocation process easier and safer. Back in 2006, when there were almost no directories, Thepackersmovers led the way in filtering packers and movers and finding out which movers were fake.

It is undeniable that the packing and moving industry has a lot of fake companies that look for the first chance to rob a customer. In such a scenario, keeping the scams at bay can be difficult. That is why they decided to build a place where only genuine movers were present from all over India were verified based on their authenticity, presence, experience, and general behavior.

And they have been successful in creating such a space for their customers. The directory became so successful that it decided to improvise its services based on the increasing and changing needs of the customers.

Hence, a new-age Thepackersmovers was born that was able to cater to multiple needs of its customers from different corners of India. Below are some insights into how the company works and how it revamped the services to become a better version of itself.

A new age directory for safe relocations

Thepackersmovers is a well-known website for hiring reliable packers and movers. The company understands its responsibility and people's dependency on its services, so they always stay current.

This is why they do multiple things and introduce new changes now and then to better cater to their customers' needs. Here's all that the company practices to ensure the safe relocation of its customers:

1. Creating a hub of verified movers

According to the company, their first and foremost responsibility is to be one of the best hubs of verified and reputed packers and movers across India. And it is safe to say that this is exactly what they are.

Since the company came into existence, they have been making new associations with verified movers and helping people with a safe and hassle-free shift. Here's how they have been doing it for so long:

How Thepackersmovers verifies packers and movers?

Here’s what the company does to filter out fake packers and movers and ensure they are hiring only the genuine ones –

  • Asking for the company's government-authorized license.
  • Checking their GST number and asking for its copy.
  • Asking them about their staff, vehicles they own, and equipment they use and checking the proof of the same.
  • Confirming their official address and asking for pictures of their office as well.
  • Confirming the establishment date of the packing and moving company to know their experience and other things.

This was the regular verification that Thepackersmovers used to do. But with changing times, they have upgraded to a better verification method and added a few more steps to their existing verification method. Here's what the company does now:

  • has started tracking the reviews and ratings of the moving company before associating with them. The authentic reviews give an idea about the company’s work culture and how they treat their customers. The Thepackersmovers have started to notice reviews of every company before associating them with their directory.
  • No renewal policy for the moving company that is either fraud or doesn't take their work seriously. If they get any customer complaints about a moving company and their service, the directory doesn't renew their association.
  • Since the directory now has a great experience in this industry, they know customer needs and expectations better. Therefore, they ask questions about services offered by a specific company, how they deliver them, and multiple other questions related to their work. This helps the directory to understand how the packing and moving company will work with its customers.

2. Providing free-moving quotes instantly

The second responsibility they understand in the directory is providing instant moving quotes. When a caller connects with them regarding their shifting needs, they arrange instant callbacks from three verified moving companies associated with the directory.

These quotes are free of cost and can be customized according to customer needs. The directory also provides end-to-end support to the customer. They are always welcome to get support from the directory until their shifting gets completed.

Whether anyone is looking for Packers and Movers in Bangalore from Thepackersmovers or for packing and moving services at any location in India, the directory provides free quotes regardless of the location. So, the customer can call them for all sorts of queries and avail of their best services free of cost.

3. Taking feedback and working on them

The company takes all its feedback in great light. They continue to practice the activities on which they get good reviews. They work on improving areas where they get bad reviews and work hard on bringing them to the positive side.

Planning for a brighter future

And that was a look back at the journey and discussion of the company's current strategies. Talking about their future plans, the company is deciding on bringing the entire community of verified movers under one banner, i.e.,

They aim to cover the rural parts of India to provide packing and moving services even in areas with no services. The company is also working on improving its international packing and moving services.

That time is pretty close when there will be only 1 name when people think of a directory for packers and movers. And that name will be none other than