The ways Drone Technology is having a positive impact on Society

The ways Drone Technology is having a positive impact on Society

The rising accessibility of Drones has made many dangerous labor-intensive jobs within a spectrum of industrial sectors ripe for displacement. Drones are not only safe to operate, but they are cost-effective solutions that deliver a range of added utilities such as in-depth data collection – which otherwise done manually would cost countless man-hours risking human lives. The emerging Drone market is valued to be around 127 Billion USD, according to PwC. Government Agencies, Specific Industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining and Power industry, to name a few, have been heavily utilizing Drone Technology for the great deal of benefits it brings to the table. Today, Drones are tackling several issues ranging from monitoring disease, border petrol to even delivering Pizza!

Here is a more in-depth segmented view of some of the great positive impact Drone Technology can offer to the human society:

Defence & Border Surveillance

While the use of Drone technology for military purposes is not a new trend – military spending has significantly increased in recent years. The world is heading towards a multi-polar world order with many more countries likely to crop up in the foreseeable future, and there has been an increase in the number of internal unrests observed throughout the world. In such a scenario government are increasingly taking advantage of Drone Technology for a variety of surveillance purposes. Around 100 countries already own some form of military drone technology.

Disaster Relief and Response

Drones have proved to be pivotal in times of natural disasters. In the aftermath of Floods, Tsunamis and Earthquakes UAV Drones have been used to access damaged locations, locate victims and deliver humanitarian assistance. In addition, Drones can also be used to monitor and combat forest fires, map out the oceanic surface to view the detrimental impact of wastes, detect trapped people under any kind of debris through heat detecting sensors attached on Drones, and many more humanitarian purposes.


Yet another area where Drones are gaining a lot of traction is in the process of crop cultivation. Most of the aspects of farming are repetitive, time-consuming, and energy draining. Processes such as spreading Pesticides, monitoring large acres of farmlands can be easily achievable with the help of Drones. This frees up or enables the farmers to increase their crop production output.

Urban Planning

The World continues to be enveloped by a swathe of rapid urbanization. Cities all around the globe have succumbed to chronic congestion problems. This is where Drone Technology has proven to be very handy for municipal corporations and ither urban bodies to find out the existing loopholes in the urban sprawls and come up with well laid out future city landscape planning.

Personal Security

Security companies are rapidly utilizing drones to provide more comprehensive surveillance systems for industrial, commercial, and residential properties.

News Coverage

Lastly, news broadcasting companies have also started to utilize Drones to cover and give a detailed and an accurate information about war-torn regions plus give live coverage updates of natural disasters without having to risk the lives of journalists.

These are some of the most impactful ways Drone Technology has served mankind; let us know of any more such noble applications.