The Okavango Delta: The Ultimate Guide Towards Serenity

The Okavango Delta: The Ultimate Guide Towards Serenity

The magnificent Okavango Delta is Botswana's heartbeat and the world's largest delta. The delta, which is a World Heritage Site, is home to a varied environment formed as the Okavango River flows into the Kalahari Desert. Thousands of tourists visit Botswana each year to observe the immense wildlife of the Okavango Delta.

One can also witness some of the world's most endangered bird and mammal species here. The Okavango Delta covers an area of 15000 square kilometers with pulsing wetland unlike any other on the earth. The Okavango Delta is most known for its incredible wildlife encounters. It is protected by the Moremi Game Reserve as well as several wildlife concessions inside Ngamiland. It's been regarded as an oasis where wildlife thrives, especially during the breeding season. Tourists just cannot predict what they will see on your Botswana safari, especially if you visit the Okavango Delta.

The Okavango Delta is made up of multiple small islands that emerge as flora takes root on termite mounds. However, larger islands can be found in the delta. Chief's Island, for example, is the largest island in the delta and is notable because it formed on a tectonic fault line.

Some of Africa's most opulent camps can also be found here. In terms of campgrounds, the African Bush Camps Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation, education, and development in the communities surrounding the company's camps. Beks Ndlovu, the organization's founder, began his career as a professional safari guide for safari firms in Zimbabwe. However, he believed that the safaris on offer were sometimes excessively organized and inflexible, not allowing you to venture out and appreciate the marvels of the African environment in a variety of ways.

He left to establish his own camp, a place where guides could be creative and artistic. Somalisa Camp was formed from this idea; the now award-winning camp began as a modest dream to gather together guides to teach tourists about Africa. African Bush Camps also maintains camps near the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Khwai Bush Camp

African Bush Camps’ Botswana safari resort is open all year and mixes the romance of a bygone era with a sustainable, community-centered approach to safari. The Khwai region contains a variety of environments that beckon exploration, ranging from magical woods to undulating grasslands to lush floodplains.

Khwai Leadwood

The camp's beautiful design accommodates six regular tents and one family unit, in keeping with the personal and exclusive wilderness experience. The new camp deftly bridges the gap between luxury accommodations and the sensation of being in the great African outdoors.

Linyanti Ebony

Linyanti Ebony is a tiny tented camp with panoramic views of the Linyanti Marsh, built on high decking overlooking the Linyanti Marsh. The thoughtful construction of the camp provides a realistic, eco-conscious base from which to explore this significant area.