The Most Profitable IT Jobs in India

The Most Profitable IT Jobs in India

Technology advancements are taking over the world and they are changing our lives with every passing second. As smartphones have enabled us to gather any information with a single tap, people are becoming more tech-savvy. This has resulted in an increase in technology-related job roles from the past few years. Indian talent has been highly regarded across markets and executives are able to bring some traits to the table that are in huge demand even for global roles. 

As per reports, the computer software and hardware sector in India attracted cumulative Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows worth US$ 39.47 billion till mid-2019. Evidently, spending on information technology in India has increased significantly. Indian’s IT’s core competencies and strengths attract huge investments from foreign countries. So, there has never been a better time to be a part of the IT sector in India.

Professionals looking to hone their skills in leading technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Blockchain would get promising opportunities in today’s job market. One of the best ways to demonstrate your skills in any domain is to pursue industry-recognized certifications. For instance, professionals interested in the field of quality management can pursue Lean Six Sigma certifications by taking up Six Sigma Green Belt Course.

So, for a successful career in IT, it is but natural to think about the most profitable jobs. Here you will find the list of highest-paying jobs in the tech field (according to an Indeed report).

Let’s dive in!

Data warehouse architect

Professionals working as data warehouse architects are responsible for architecting and developing technical solutions for a data warehouse that best support an organization. Candidates should at least have 7 to 10 years of experience in the related field to achieve this position. Data warehouse architects can earn up to 25 lakhs if they are proficient in the field. 

Senior Technical Lead

Professionals in the IT world need a lot of experience to reach the role of a Senior technical lead. Professionals at this level design and build software products, and guide a team to solve the technical issues related to software development, product release, engineering tasks, and more. They ensure that the team is following work processes and best practices so that the operations are streamlined. They may also involve in troubleshooting programs and hiring employees for their team. Senior tech leads in India enjoy high salary packages starting from 12 lakhs.

Analytics manager

The major responsibility of an analytics manager is to develop tools and strategies for effective data analysis and reporting. They often work closely with the leads of product, sales, and marketing teams to make high-quality data-driven decisions. Their top skills include advanced data modeling, predictive modeling techniques, data analysis, working with business intelligence tools, and more. Analytics managers can earn up to 24 lakhs by gaining relevant skills and demonstrating them.

Technical project manager

Technical project managers remain in high demand across all countries. They have a knack for planning, scheduling, and managing IT projects. Possessing excellent organization, leadership, and communication skills, technical project managers are capable of completing projects as per specifications within the allotted time frame and budget. There are many renowned certifications that a technical manager can pursue to boost their career. Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the gold standard in the field of project management and helps professionals command higher salaries.

Lead developer

If coding has always been your passion, then the role of a lead developer will suit you the best. Lead developers generally have a solid background in application programming along with years of experience working as a technical team leader. Their typical responsibilities involve directing the development team in designing, developing, coding, testing, and debugging the applications. Mentoring junior programmers in the team and planning their skill development also forms a part of their duties. Their average salary in India is around 15 lakhs; however, they are capable of earning even more.

Which Role Should You Choose?

We are currently living in the digital world which has boosted your chances of achieving a technology-related job role. While higher salary is but one reason to pursue a particular job role, one can find great job opportunities in other fields also. Digital marketing, blockchain technology, cloud computing, cyber security, and quality assurance are some of the other fields having promising career prospects. Whatever field you choose, gain the required skills and get a job. After you gain some industry experience, it is always better to achieve relevant certifications and enhance your skills in that area. This way, you would increase your credibility and stay ahead in this dynamic world of information technology.