The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to organize the 5th edition of the Industry Institution Summit (IIS) on 1st September 2023

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to organize the 5th edition of the Industry Institution Summit (IIS) on 1st September 2023
The 5th edition of the Industry Institution Summit (IIS)  organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Chennai Local Network is set to take place on 01st September 2023 (Friday) from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM at Feathers A Radha Hotel, Manapakkam, Chennai. The event will be centred around the theme ‘Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship catering to futuristic technology’. This collaboration intends to give rise to new Technological Advancements, Global Competitions, Innovation and Research.
The event will feature Tech talks and panel discussions on futuristic technologies by industry experts and academic leaders. Additionally, the event will host demonstrations of futuristic technologies like 5G, IoT, and AR/VR by leading industry partners. The Grand finale of Present Around The Network (PATN), the 7th edition of Smart City Challenge and the 2nd edition of Pentathlon are also scheduled to take place during the event. The IET Chennai Local Network and Young Professional Awards will be presented as well. The event is expected to host over 500 to 750 participants from academia and the industry. 
“India’s technology ecosystem is brimming with opportunity, and the right collaboration between academia, industry and government can enable the country to emerge as a global technology hub. As Industry 4.0 adoption is exponentially rising, we must also actively recognise its potential to solve societal challenges. By facilitating discourse on pressing themes related to technology adoption in the Indian context, we are sure that this event will act as fertile ground for new ideas and solutions”, says Dr S Cloudin, Chair of the IET Chennai Local Network.
The event will feature several impactful discussions, such as:
  • Super Keynote Address on “Technology Evolution” by Mr. Srinivas C, Head-Manufacturing Solutions, Nokia Solutions and Networks Pvt and Mr. Parameswaran S, Head - Operations Improvements & Conscious Factory,, Nokia Solutions and Networks India Pvt Ltd, 
  • Panel Discussion on Generative AI: Miracle or Menace, moderated by Mr. Arun George
  • Vice President of Technology, EC Group International and featuring Mr. Giftson Selladurai, CEO & Co-Founder, Ruah Tech, Mr. Senthil Nayagam, Mentor and Entrepreneur, Generative AI ; Mr.Mikael Gislén, Managing Director, Gislen Software ; Mr.Solomon Ashok, Founder, and Mr. Daniel Jacob, Vice President of HR for EC Group International as panellists
  • Panel discussion on ‘Navigating the Road Ahead: Opportunities and Challenges of Software-Defined Vehicles’ moderated by Mr. Pracheth Rao H, Senior Director, Bosch Global Software Technologies and featuring Mr. Mohan B V, Senior Director - Technology, Bosch Global Software Technologies; Mr. Parag Anand Rajne, Sr. Solution Architect, KPIT Technologies Ltd and Mr. Venugopala Krishna Madumbu, Director of Engineering, Automotive SW, NVIDIA as speakers 
  • Discussion on ‘E-Mobility in Indian Railways’ by Mr. R.N.Rajput
  • VR Demo on ‘ Preparing the Students ready for Immersive Technologies’ by Mr. J. Visweswaran, Country Manager -  Higher Education, ARK Infosolutions, Bengaluru

In alignment with the IET’s global focus on societal challenges where the engineering profession and the IET can make an impact, this 5th edition of the Industry Institution Summit will deliberate on the various challenges and opportunities available in Sustainability and Climate Change, Digital Futures, Healthy Lives, People-centric Infrastructure and Productive Manufacturing. The main objective of the summit is to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry, by bringing together top management professionals, researchers, academicians, industry experts and students from different disciplines to explore futuristic technologies and the skills required to meet industry needs. 

Source: Press Release