The Bizarre, The Weird, The Irrelevant Laws Of India

(8) Secret Weapon

According to the Official Secrets Act of 1923, you could be arrested and put into jail for some 14 years or so if you are found sharing any kind of information related to bureaucrats or from the government offices.

The law states that the disclosure of any information that is likely to affect the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State, or friendly relations with foreign States, is punishable by this act that too on mere suspicion.

(9) Paisa Puzzle

Although in the modern world the “annas” and “paisa” have no existence but according to the Ganges Toll Act of 1867, the authorities can impress a charge on streamers and boats moving between Allahabad and Dinapur not exceeding 12 annas.

This act remains along with national Waterway Act 1982. This is another example of strange and sublime laws still existing in India.

(10) Hotel Freebie

A common man always like to  make an entrance at a 5-star hotel and enjoy the beautiful world-class ambience, but do you know a 127-year-old Indian Serais Act, 1887, allows you to walk into any hotel to drink water and use washrooms for free.

It doesn’t even matter how outrageously posh that hotel is, you can sneak in a view anytime you wanted. Sometimes some laws are advantageous too!

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