The best VPN to protect your Mac

The best VPN to protect your Mac

Imagine yourself participating in a street race. You are fighting to win and walking away from your opponent long before entering the tunnel with several exits. The contestant is tryingto find out where your car will show up and chooses the wrong path. This confusion allows you to get to the finish line and not to scratch the car because of a jostle with the opponent. The ‘street racing’ demonstratesan operation principle of the best VPN for Mac. It plays the role of the tunnel where the Internet user can escapefrom ransomware, malware or spyware.

Let's consider what the VPN service is in detail.

How to define any VPN in simple terms?

TheVPN software provides asecure connection to a resource. It was originally used by corporate networks. For example, a company employees could log intothe private network and thereby gain access to all the necessary files and remote devices. The data request was made on behalf of the server, and all the information was transmitted to employees over an encrypted channel.

As the Internet became a part of our daily life and with cybercriminals becoming more and more inventive, the need to create more advanced VPNsarose. The softwareis a kind of barrier between a user and the World Wide Web. These programs make request on their own behalf allowing for anonymous and secureInternet surfing. Fraudsters would not be able to track your activity and steal your personal data.

Using social networks, conducting operations through online banking and transferring money between e-walletsyou put yourself in danges unless youinstall a reliable VPN. With a VPN, your browser history remains confidential, and getting access to this information can be allowed only by court. Since this is a rare occurrence, and top VPN service adhere to zero-logs policy, the user can feel safe as their data is not exposed to their ISP.

Moreover, VPNs bringmore advantages to their users. First, you can hide your current location. Secondly, it is possible to get the IP address of another country to use its internal resources that may be geo-restricted in your country of residence.

What VPNs are the best ones for Mac users?

Paid programs for anonymous surfing the Internet are distinguished by flexible settings and a high security level. Mac users should pay attention to the following ones:

  • ExpressVPN;
  • CyberGhost;
  • PrivateVPN;
  • NordVPN;
  • VyprVPN;
  • PureVPN;


When using the above-mentioned programs, a customer can count on a high-speed Internet connection and free access to sites with geographical or legal restrictions. In addition, VPNs give a refund guarantee within a month in case you are not satisfied with the service. Thus, Mac users can test VPNs from the list to choose the best program for their devices.

So, let's summarize by determining what advantages any VPN can bring to your online experience:

  • Privacy protection.
  • Unlocking the resources that are inaccessible to foreign visitors.
  • Avoiding censorship.
  • Protecting a device from hackers.
  • Securing data transfer.


Newscasts all over the world are full of messages about privacy invasions. There are several ways to avoid it, and installing a VPN on your Mac is one of the best things to do. The above-mentioned VPN services are suitable for any OS version.

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