The Best Countries For Women

BANGLORE: The World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Gender Gap Report released annually reveals the best suitable countries for women to live on par with men.

The report examines the parity between men and women in four diff aspects- Economic participation and opportunity, Educational attainment, health and survival and political survival.

Efforts made by government through its regulations and other non-governmental organizations by increasing awareness have resulted positively, narrowing down the gender gap in various countries, as 86 of 136 countries showed improvements. Change is definitely slow and yet laudable. Here are the nations that succeed in providing the best life for women.

10. Nicaragua:

The only Latin American nation among top ten in this list, Nicaragua is a country rich in culture and well known for its hospitality .The Nicaraguans love freedom and independence. .

It is also the best place for women, they have a joint program named ‘From rhetoric to reality’ for promoting women’s participation. Also, the gender responsive budgeting have integrated the tools and methods to develop gender perspective in the National General Budget.

 The country has also formulated policies towards empowerment of women, which were fruitful placing itself in the top ten list of WEF report.

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