The Best Business Plan Software Tools

The Best Business Plan Software Tools

For some business owners, time, resources, and above all capital income is particularly important, especially if you are only starting with a new business for the first time. Having the right tools and equipment at your disposal can make business operations and set-up a lot easier. In the beginning phase of your business, you will perhaps need to create and set-up a business plan. Although this can be a lengthy and needed process, having a professional business plan can help you obtain investors and secure funding for your business.

Finding the best business plan software can be a tedious process, that’s why we took the time to list some of the best business plan software to date. These software platforms are some of the most reliable, affordable, and trusted platforms.

Business Plan Pro

If you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner looking to have a simple and straightforward software plan, then this would be a great option. Business Plan Pro offers a one-time charge, making it more affordable and easier to use. Some of its best features include business management dashboard tools, fully online and offline access, exporting, and importing from Excel and PowerPoint.

It’s good to know that this platform is a trusted software provider, as it boasts with great customer support and positive customer feedback on Amazon. Prices start at $99.99 and go up to $159.99, be advised that this platform only works on Windows, and isn’t Mac friendly.


Try it, before you buy it – that’s what Enloop offers. If you’re keen to first test out the software business planning tools, this is a great option. Enloop includes high customizable sample plans and autowire feature that helps structure business plans. If you’re looking to try a paid subscription, Enloop prices range from $9.95/month to $39.95/month, making them one of the least expensive options.


For a company with a strong track record and over 15 years of business planning and software development experience, LivePlan is your best option. Its business planning software tools include simple and convenient functionality, create 1-page business plans in 30 minutes, more than 500 sample business plans, and its convenient dashboard track progress and past performance make everything a lot easier.

You will enjoy a straightforward layout, with easy to use tools, and LivePlan has received a great amount of positive feedback from customers. LivePlan works on a subscription basis and starts at $9.95 for your first month.


High-end features, and fully equipped with some of the best and most easy to use business planning software tools, BizPlan makes your business planning set-up a lot easier. The software comes with some exceedingly popular features, a user-friendly interface, access or shares your business plans via web pages (landing pages), helps you by breaking down your progress into various steps.

Although BizPlan is relatively new to the market, over 30,000 customers have already shared positive feedback from their experience with BizPlan. Prices range from $9.90/month to $49/month.


Easy to use, and one of the most affordable options, if you pay an annual subscription – iPlanner has everything you need in one place. You will have access to unlimited team members and collaborations, a simple framework, straightforward pricing, and if you’re a serial entrepreneur or business coach you’ll be able to receive discounts on your annual subscription. Pricing can be anything between $49 to $55/year.


StratPad is one of our other favorite free options, especially for a company that is constantly updating and adding new features to its business planning software tools. Some of its best features include, real-time business plan sharing options, integrate your progress with QuickBooks, and if you want to cancel your plan, you can do so at any time.

StratPad is a great option for an upcoming leader in the market, as it’s planning to launch a Connect service, that will connect your business plans with banks, bookkeepers, and accountants. Prices vary from free to $49/month.


For an analytical and business-centric option, PlanGuru has it all in one place. Premium features include budget and forecasting software, an Excel-based Advanced report builder, and analytics service for financial performance and KPIs. PlanGuru is a more advanced option for those seeking to do more than just create a successful business plan. Prices range from $99/month to $899/year.