Tech Mahindra Launches Generative AI Powered Vision amplifAIer, a Smart Data Scientist for Business Analysts

Tech Mahindra Launches Generative AI Powered Vision amplifAIer, a Smart Data Scientist for Business
Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services and solutions, today announced the launch of ‘Vision amplifAIer’ solution under TechM amplifAI0->∞ suit of AI offerings and solutions. The solution will amplify the computer vision related use cases for enterprises. It will provide end-to-end life cycle management of computer vision (CV) projects, with emphasis on de-skilling the whole process.
In any computer vision use case, significant time is spent on the initial step, namely, data pre-processing, use case understanding, test data preparation, model development and training. Tech Mahindra’s Vision amplifAIer will reduce turnaround time required for each step of the workflow, by allowing techno-functional workforce to develop CV use cases without having data science skills. It will help enterprises to scale AI by streamlining and accelerating the process of building use cases. The solution will provide pre-built models and generative AI-led capability to create synthetic data, reuse existing models to be repurposed for new use case with power of transfer learning.
Hasit Trivedi, CTO – Digital Services and Global Head - AI, Tech Mahindra says, “Computer vision allows businesses to reimagine their existing way of working and solving problems. However, scaling is a key challenge in this space, due to the cost, skill and time needed to build the use cases. Manageability and standardization are other important elements to stay responsible in overall adoption. Our Generative AI-powered vision amplifAIer will bring complex technology elements together in a deskilling manner. It will bring consistency and re-usability across the spectrum, empowering enterprises to scale faster and achieving better business outcomes. At Tech Mahindra, we always emphasize scaling AI in a responsible manner and democratizing it. Vision amplfAIer is a significant addition to our AI suite of solutions for our customers to achieve the same purpose.”
The solution combines the power of generative AI models and features like object detection, moderation, extraction, and monitoring aspects to allow enterprises to build domain specific use cases. These core capabilities are supported by an easy-to-use workbench for the business users to manage technology lifecycle of the model training to deployment.
With Tech Mahindra’s distinctive investments in the AI space, comprehensive understanding of customer needs, and expertise in fostering digital transformation within the enterprise, Vision amplifAIer will drive unprecedented efficiency for enterprises across industries. The launch of generative AI-powered Vision amplifAIer is in line with Tech Mahindra’s continuous endeavor to transform enterprises with advanced AI-led offerings and solutions, along with its recent addition of Ops amplifAIer, Email amplifAIer, Enterprise Knowledge Search offering, Evangelize Pair Programming, and Generative AI Studio.
Source: Press Release