Sundarii Handmade: Empowering Artisans and Redefining Sustainable Fashion with Ajrakh

Sundarii Handmade: Empowering Artisans and Redefining Sustainable Fashion with Ajrakh

Sundarii Handmade is a sustainable fashion brand that empowers artisans and preserves age-old Indian handi- crafts. Founded by Avni Aggarwal, a mom, wife, and entrepreneur passionate about minimalistic and sustainable living, the brand aims to uplift and empower artisans and weavers through her love for hand block printing and sustainable fashion. Avni's background in Social Work and her desire to give back to society led her on a journey to make a real difference and support the upliftment of communities. Her dedication has got recognized through prestigious awards, including the UNHCR award for intense support in refugee skill development and the Digital Women's Award under the IMPACT Category.

Reviving Age-Old Indian Handicrafts: The Sundarii Handmade Movement

More than an ethical apparel brand, Sundarii Handmade represents a powerful movement to revive and preserve age-old Indian handicrafts. Founded in December 2017, the brand's heartfelt initiative aimed to support artisans and weavers, breathing new life into fading art forms. Through close collaborations with 1500+ skilled artisans across India, Sundarii Handmade has become a voice for sustainable fashion and natural fabrics, introducing many to the enchanting world of Ajrakh and other craft collections like Dabu, Bagru, Ikat, Jamdani, and Bandhani.

Ajrakh: A Living Heritage

Ajrakh, an intricate and rare handicraft, stands as the USP of Sundarii Handmade. With utmost love and dedication, skilled artisans meticulously handcraft Ajrakh sarees in various textiles, turning each piece into a unique masterpiece. Sundarii Handmade's commitment to Ajrakh not just preserves a living heritage but also spreads awareness about this mesmerizing craft.

Zero Waste Policy and Mindful Production

At Sundarii Handmade, sustainability is not just a buzzword—it's a way of life. The brand proudly adheres to a no-waste policy, creatively utilizing fabric scraps for wallets, scarves, and patchwork. With biodegradable and reusable packaging, Sundarii Handmade ensures zero waste in landfills. Embracing a made-to-order model, the brand champions’ mindful consumption, producing each best-selling saree and blouse only when an order is received. This unique approach adds a touch of love and soul to every product, as skilled artisans meticulously craft these rare masterpieces.

From Artisans to Celebrities: Sundarii Handmade's Impact

Sundarii Handmade's influence goes beyond empowering artisans—it has caught the attention of celebrities and influencers alike. From styling Madhuri Dixit in the Majaa Maa web series to making a mark in the wardrobes of Samantha Prabhu, Huma Quereshi, Sandeepa Dhar, and others, the brand's commitment to sustainable fashion has resonated with stars and conscious consumers alike. Sundarii Handmade continues to spread its message of conscious living and responsible consumerism, making sustainable fashion accessible and celebrated.

Join Sundarii Handmade's sustainable fashion movement and embrace the elegance of Ajrakh and many other traditional prints. With a profound commitment to empowering artisans and reviving traditional Indian handicrafts, Sundarii Handmade offers unique masterpieces crafted with love and care. Choose conscious fashion and make a difference with Sundarii Handmade's timeless creations.