Self-Sponsorship Route Provides Indian Entrepreneurs a Promising Opportunity to Establish Business in the UK

Self-Sponsorship Route Provides Indian Entrepreneurs a Promising Opportunity to Establish Business in the UK

The Self-Sponsorship visa route is a viable alternative to the Entrepreneur and Investor visas for Indian entrepreneurs seeking to establish a UK business. It allows for acquisition of a Skilled Worker Visa to work for their own business and provides a pathway to British citizenship. The Self-Sponsorship route removes the need for an external UK sponsor Licence and enables entrepreneurs to manage their business without concern for visa cancellation. Those with established UK businesses can switch to the Self-Sponsorship visa as well.

Self-sponsorship is a dependable and reputable visa route for Indian entrepreneurs and business professionals to establish themselves in the UK. It presents an excellent opportunity to settle in the UK.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners have taken advantage of this legitimate option to establish businesses in the UK successfully. If you genuinely aspire to open a business in the UK and desire to run an active trading company, Self-sponsorship may be an excellent starting point.

Who Qualifies for Self-Sponsorship?

Some of the requirements for Self-sponsorship visa route includes but not limited to:

  • Incorporate the UK entity
  • Open a UK business bank account
  • Get a PAYE registration
  • VAT registration certificate
  • Employer's liability insurance certificate
  • You must have sufficient financial resources to support your business in the UK.
  • A valid company email address
  • A sustainable business plan
  • An organisation chart
  • A confirmation letter that verifies the details of your company.

However,  the primary requirement to qualify for this visa route is that you must have specific transferable/relevant skill, qualification or expertise in the sector where you want to start your business.

Before planning to establish or expand your business, it is essential to conduct appropriate and in-depth research of the UK market.

If you are a successful business owner in India and have analysed a business opportunity in the UK, or if you have a business plan and want to explore that in the United Kingdom, you can explore the Self-Sponsorship path.

Can I Bring Along My Spouse/Children/Parents Via SS Route?

It is one of the most asked questions from applicants for a Self-Sponsorship visa. Yes, you can bring along your spouse and children under 18 to stay with you in the UK. However, for parents, you have to show their job responsibility in your business. The second option is an adult-dependent relative visa route to bring your parents. Here, you should also know that after obtaining a Self-sponsorship visa, you can only stay out of the UK for a maximum of 180 days a year. Doing so will qualify you for the ILR (Indefinite leave to remain).

If your business runs for five years, you may be eligible to get permanent residency, and within six years, you could qualify for British citizenship. Doesn't that sound great?

What is the Financial Requirement for Self-Sponsorship?

The best part of this visa route is that no minimum or maximum investment is required. It's totally up to you how much you want to invest in your business. Only you are the right person to decide how much investment is required to establish or expand your business in the United Kingdom.

Success Story of Self-Sponsorship

Kate Corey, the founder of the travel firm 6 Degrees, is an example of a businesswoman who successfully used the Self-Sponsorship route to establish her company in the UK. Ms Corey had attempted to move to the UK for several years, but no visa routes were open to her. With the help of immigration law firm A Y & J Solicitors, she established her UK company and was able to obtain visa. A Y & J Solicitors provided guidance on opening a UK business, a business bank account and provide complete hand-holding support for the complex UK immigration process.

Certainly, it's a fantastic opportunity to live and work in the United Kingdom if you're looking to launch or expand your business. Nonetheless, it's crucial to understand that the "Self-Sponsorship Visa" is not a specific type of visa, but rather a clever means of entering the UK through a Skilled Worker visa.

To conclude, the Self-Sponsorship route seems to be the most innovative, suitable, and optimistic visa option for Indian entrepreneurs and business owners looking to establish a presence in the UK. However, navigating this route can be challenging, involving several steps and a thoughtful process. Fortunately, with the help of an experienced immigration lawyer, you can successfully establish your business in the UK and obtain permanent residency. Their knowledge and guidance can assist you in achieving your objectives with ease and efficiency.