Samsung Expands Galaxy AI Features Beyond Native Apps, Enhancing Foldable Experience

Samsung Expands Galaxy AI Features Beyond Native Apps, Enhancing Foldable Experience
South Korean tech giant Samsung has announced a significant enhancement of its Galaxy AI features, extending their availability beyond Samsung's native calling app and optimizing them for its upcoming foldable devices. This strategic move aims to broaden the utility and integration of AI in Samsung’s mobile ecosystem, catering to the dynamic needs of modern users.
In a groundbreaking update, Samsung revealed plans to expand the ‘Live Translate’ tool to various third-party messaging apps, enabling support for voice calls. This feature will allow users to experience seamless communication across languages, transcending the confines of Samsung’s native apps. The Live Translate tool, previously limited to Samsung’s ecosystem, will now support a wider range of messaging platforms, facilitating barrier-free interactions while ensuring user privacy by keeping personal data secure on the device.
As the mobile AI era progresses rapidly, Samsung is intensifying its efforts to innovate and enhance AI capabilities to stay ahead of future demands. Won-Joon Choi, Executive Vice President and Head of Mobile R&D Office, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, emphasized the company's commitment to leading in AI. “Our hybrid approach is the most practical and reliable solution to meet all these needs”, Choi stated, highlighting the company’s vision to integrate advanced AI functionalities while maintaining robust user privacy.
Samsung’s global network of research centers, located in Poland, China, India, and Vietnam, plays a pivotal role in this development. These centers are focused on expanding the range of languages supported by Galaxy AI, enriching the feature's utility and accessibility worldwide. The integration of these advancements into Samsung’s on-device AI language translation model underscores the company’s commitment to offering practical, privacy-conscious AI solutions.
With the rapid advancement of chip technology and other related innovations, Samsung anticipates incorporating even more mobile AI features into its devices. These developments are expected to further enhance the user experience, especially on the new foldable devices set to hit the market, offering users an optimized, cutting-edge mobile AI experience.
By extending its AI features and optimizing them for future device formats, Samsung continues to solidify its position at the forefront of mobile technology innovation, providing users with versatile, secure, and highly functional AI capabilities.