SAMIL posts Q4 Revenues of Rs 16,911 crores and EBITDA of Rs 1,287 crores

SAMIL posts Q4 Revenues of Rs 16,911 crores and EBITDA of Rs 1,287 crores
Samvardhana Motherson International Limited (SAMIL) [formerly Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.] today announced its financial results for the fiscal 2021-22 fourth quarter, which ended on 31st March 2022.
Commenting on the results, Mr.  Vivek  Chaand Sehgal, Chairman, Motherson said, “The quarterly results are impacted due to global uncertainties such as continued semiconductor shortages, geopolitical conflict in Europe and Covid related lockdowns in China. This has been further aggravated by substantially high inflationary pressures.
In these challenging times, we continue to focus on improving our operational efficiencies, control costs and remain focused on our 3CX10 diversification strategy. The teams at Motherson are working very hard in collaboration with our customers to face these challenges. We would like to thank our customers for their trust and their continued support to Motherson globally.
This quarter also marks a new beginning for Motherson, as the journey we embarked on in July 2020, is complete with two listed companies which have helped unlock value for their shareholders.”
Financial Highlights
The board has recommended dividend of 0.65 per share for the FY21-22
·             Quarterly revenues of 16,911 crores,
·             Quarterly EBITDA of Rs 1,287 crores,
·             Quarterly PAT of Rs 122 crores,
·             Quarterly revenues of 1,611 crores,
·             EBITDA of Rs 293 crores at a margin of 18.2%
·             Quarterly revenues of Euro 1,327 million,
·             EBITDA of Euro 75 million at 5.7% margin
·             Quarterly revenues of Euro 326 million
·             EBITDA of Euro 18 million at 5.7% margin
·             Net debt decreases to 7,768 crores from 8,739 crores in Q3
·             Debt/EBITDA has increased due to high base effect in Q4FY21.
·             Revenues of 62,832 crores
·             EBITDA of Rs 4,808 crores,
·             PAT of Rs 510 crores,
·             Revenues of 5,297 crores,
·             EBITDA of Rs 712 crores at a margin of 13.4%.
·             Revenues of Euro 4,988 million,
·             EBITDA of Euro 342 million at 6.9% margin
·             Revenues of Euro 1,225 million,
·             EBITDA of Euro 51 million at 4.2% margin
Source: Press Release