Reviews of Obtaining a Romanian Passport with the Assistance of Eucitizensship

Reviews of Obtaining a Romanian Passport with the Assistance of Eucitizensship

Repatriation in Romania is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to acquire citizenship of European Union. The process of relocation becomes quicker and easier with the professional assistance of In this article, we will briefly overview the company`s assistance during the procedure of getting Romanian passport, and explain why repatriation is the best option.

Moreover, we will share with you customers' feedback about registration with Eucitizensship, and point out the main reasons to ask for its support.

Ways to Get a Romanian Citizenship

There are three the most common ways to obtain passport of Romania:

1. Naturalization

The procedure takes relatively long time to complete, and it requires thorough fluency of Romanian language and acquaintance with the national culture and legal system in order to pass the oath-taking ceremony.

2. Investment

Also known as a Golden Visa, this option is fairly quick and straightforward, and you only have to invest a certain amount of money in the country's particular program. The most common obstacle is that the immigrant might not have the required financial sum.

Reviews of Obtaining a Romanian Passport with the Assistance of Eucitizensship

3. Repatriation

You are automatically entitled to a Romanian passport if you or your direct relatives had EU citizenship before a specified date. If you can present the proof, the immigration will take only a year.

As Romanian citizen, you will be able to:

  • Visa-free travel to 172 countries;
  • Reside, and work freely in the EU states;
  • Have access to public educational and medical services within the Union;
  • Get protection and support from the EU governments, wherever in the EU you may be.

Reasons to Apply for Eucitizensship Services has been working since 2016 in order to provide professional assistance in getting residence permit or European passport of the following countries:

  • Bulgaria;
  • Jersey;
  • Cayman Islands;
  • Lithuania;
  • Estonia;
  • Romania;
  • France;
  • Slovakia;
  • Germany;
  • Slovenia;
  • Hungary.

The company adheres to international law and follows a customer-oriented approach in its actions. Having all the required licenses for providing immigration services and using the most advanced privacy technologies, guarantees optimal safety for all your data, and can assure you of complete confidentiality too.

Company`s highly experienced and professional lawyers will pay attention to every detail of your case to come up with the most convenient solutions. Thus, if you have questions or need professional help, Eucitizensship`s continuous customer support is available via phone, e-mail, and Telegram.

Upon your registration with, the steps of requiring Romanian citizenship includes:

  1. The lawyers will organize initial consultation to assess your chances to immigrate, and make the best strategy to obtain EU passport;
  2. Eucitizensship collects all the required documentation, has it translated and notarized;
  3. Prepare you for taking the oath while waiting for the approval of your application;
  4. Help you with obtaining your Romanian documents, such as ID card, international passport, driver's license, etc.

Customer Reviews of

Many Eucitizensship`s clients have left their reviews about the company's services. All of them you can find on the Internet. Based on personal experience of customers` of Eucitizensship, the reviews testify to the high level of reliability and professionalism of the experts.

In addition, numerous immigrants in their opinion about cooperation with the company confirm that the entire process has been made seamless and simple. Eucitizensship's lawyers are very good at finding the most effective strategies for their clients' unique legal and financial circumstances, and provide the best way to meet their personal goals.

Reviews of Obtaining a Romanian Passport with the Assistance of Eucitizensship

Conclusion is a good choice for immigrating to Romania or another country of European Union. It is a reliable expert that respects business ethics and can meet the most diverse needs within the legal framework of international law.

All your data will be held in strict confidentiality and protected from any unexpected issues. In the feedback about Eucitizensship on the Internet, repatriates admit that their immigration was much easier, comparing with personal experience of people, who applied for Romanian passport by themselves.