Revealed: World's Best Places To Celebrate New Year

Hong Kong:
Hong Kong one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, has one of the best light shows too. The city tends to show it off on New Year's Eve, along with a giant fireworks display, a countdown celebration and several ways to party. The most popular place to ring in the New Year is at Victoria Harbour, the largest harbor in China. The eight-minute show starts over the water and moves towards the land, giving spectators a variety of vantage points. The best views are from the harbor cruises, which put revelers right under the action.

Las Vegas, NV:
Las Vegas, reinforcing its status as a perennial party town, welcomes around 300,000 revelers every year to ring in the New Year. Hotels, clubs and bars take it to the limit with special shows, but many lock their doors around the midnight hours, so the four-mile-long Strip becomes a vehicle-free promenade where people booze, mingle and watch fireworks from surrounding rooftops.

In Spain, New Year’s Eve tends to be a time for family dinners where most people comes out to party after midnight. So for such people, there is always a group of revelers found in Plaça Catalunya. The drill is to wear red underwear for luck in the coming year, and to eat 12 grapes, one for each chime of the clock, at midnight.

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