Pureit Air Purifier (H301) Vs. KENT ALPS - Which is a better option?

The air in your home is often a lot more contaminated than the air outside. As you spend the majority of your time in your office and home, your contact to the harmful indoor air makes youprone to many health diseases. These diseases include respiratory problems, allergies, and asthma.Investing in an air purifier not only helps create a healthier and cleaner environment in your surrounding but also keeps air quality-related ailments at bay. Before you buy an air purifier online, you need to keep in mind a few significant features to help you find the ideal air purifier for your office or home.

When investing in an air purifier, you need to be aware of your indoor air quality requirements. For example, HEPA filters, or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters are best suitable for people who suffer from allergies. An effective air filter comes with features which eliminate 99.97% of most common air contaminants sized at 0.3 microns and more, such as dust, dust mites, pet dander, ragweed, pollen, and mold spores. Air filters with HEPA feature are the most effective air purifiers in the market. You can conveniently buy air purifier online to get the best deals.

KENT Alps Air Purifier andPureit Air Purifier (H301) are two of the most popular air purifiers available in the market right now. Both purifiers claim to remove common airborne pollutants. If you want to decide which one of the two you should buy, you need not worry as the comparison between the two air filters is as follows:

KENT Alps Air Purifier

This innovative air purifier has an ionizer and HEPA air purification and inbuilt ionizer that helps in eliminating 99.9% air contaminants present inside our offices and houses.

Pureit Air Purifier (H301)

This air purifier comes with advanced sensors, which automatically adjusts the speed of purification on the basis your house’s air quality. This maintains a consistent level of perfection when it comes to the air you inhale.

Here’s a comparison between the two air purifiers:


KENT Alps Air Purifier costs 21,990, whereasPureit Air Purifier (H301) costs INR 25,995. KENT air purifier is comparativelyaffordable than the Pureit air purifiers. Hence, it is economically beneficial to buy the KENT air purifier.

CADR (Clean air delivery rate)

Clean Air Delivery Rate, or CADR refers to the numeric digit given to an air purifier based on various independent tests conductedby the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (or AHAM). AHAM is an association that has been measuring the CADRs of air filters since the 1980s. KENT Alps Air Purifier has a CADR of 400 m3/hr, whereas, the CADR of the Pureit Air Purifier (H301) is 370 m³/h The CADR of KENT device is a lot better than the Pureitair purifier.

Power Consumption

The power consumed by the KENT is much less than the power consumed by the Pureitpurifier. KENT Alps Air Purifier has a power consumptionof 55 W, whereas, the power consumption of the Philips AC4072/11 is 70 W. The KENT device is a much better choice for saving electricity.

Air purification in the place you live is no longer considered a luxury, but a requirement. Even if you don’t suffer from diseases like asthma, allergies, or respiratory issues, you still need it to stay fit in the long run. If you compare all the crucial specifications of both the above mentioned air purifiers, KENT Alps Air Purifier is not justan economical option but also performs better than the Pureit Air Purifier (H301) in terms ofessential features like CADR, cost, and power consumption.