Pet Business Ideas You Can Look At

Pet Business Ideas You Can Look At

Do you have a love of pets? Are you considering taking that love and turning it into a profit? We don’t blame you! Around 85 million Americans own a pet, according to a survey done by the American Pet Products Association. That means millions of pet owners could use some type of pet service at some point in their lives.

If you are thinking about starting your own pet business, check out the following ideas.

Pet Crafts and Gift Shop

Do you have a special talent for knitting or creating crafts? Are you a creative person by nature? Don’t be afraid to turn those talents into a lucrative position by opening your own pet crafts and gift shop. Pet owners will pay big bucks for personalized crafts for their animals, such as dog collars, sweaters, hats, leashes, booties, and pet carriers. You can also sell fun gifts and toys, such as bones, stuffed animals, and treat-dispensing puzzles. Plus, it’s easy to open an online pet craft and gift shop from home. Consider creating a free website or Facebook page just for your business. Etsy is also a great place for homemade crafts and gifts.

Dog Groomer

If you have the experience, starting your own pet grooming business can be a lucrative idea. The best part is that you can often operate a grooming business out of your own home. Many pet owners would rather take their dog or cat to a private house than to a commercial groomer, as there are often not as many animals around causing a distraction. It’s also a great idea to offer nail clipping services if you have the experience, as a lot of pet owners are scared to cut their pet’s nails.

Yard Cleaner

No dog owner actually enjoys picking up after their pet, but it is a reality we all have to face if we let our dogs run free in our yards. You’ll find many pet owners who would be perfectly willing to pay you to come out to their house and provide yard clean-up services once or twice a week. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snowfall, even better! It’s not easy to pick up waste when the snow covers it. Advertise a special after a big snowfall and clean up (literally and figuratively) when the snow melts.

Tank Designer

Lots of pet owners own animals that belong in tanks, such as gecko lizards, snakes, fish, and bearded dragons. These types of animals require special care and a wide knowledge of how to create an inviting and stimulating tank atmosphere. If you know how to properly care for an animal in a tank, this is a great business venture to consider. Offer your services to pet owners who need help designing the right tank or those who simply need help when it comes to cleaning.

Video Expert

Are you well-versed in how to care for a certain breed of dog? Do you know a lot about birds and what each specific type needs? Start your own YouTube channel! All you need to get started is the knowledge you already have and a good camera and editing program. Share what you know with the public. Once you have a following, you can start using affiliate advertising to make money. Advertising your channel on your social media pages may also help you land part-time gigs with local friends and family members who need pet help.

Dog Walker

Every dog owner knows that dogs need a lot of exercise but are often not available to provide it themselves. Open your own dog walking business and advertise your services online and through social media outlets. Offering your services on a flexible basis, such as on weekends and during business work days, can help increase your business. To beat out the competition, sweeten the pot! Offer customers daily pictures and updates whenever you are on the job.

Pet Sitter

We all want to go on vacation, but leaving our pets behind can pose a problem. Many pet owners would prefer to leave their dogs and cats at home rather than send them to a pet boarding business. They often worry that their pet will be scared and upset after being left at one, no matter how fun it is. That’s where you come in. You can offer your overnight services for a fee so that your client can leave their pet overnight in their own, safe home. Plus, you don’t have to market this idea just for dog or cat owners! Owners of fish, reptiles, birds, guinea pigs, and more all need pet-sitting help when they aren’t around.

Fur Dying Business

Everywhere you look on social media you’ll see cute poodles with bright pink and green fur and fluffy Pomeranians with blue streaks on their back. Pet owners love to give their pets a personal look, so consider starting your own fur dying business. All it takes is some time to research the best dyes for every breed and how to safely dye an animal. Then, start advertising your services to family, friends, and co-workers. If you are handy with a camera, you might also add in photography services after their pet is dyed and ready to show off their new look!

When you have a love for pets, it’s easy to turn it into a profit. Good luck with the above pet business ideas if you choose one to try!