Pandora now has a new integration with Instagram Stories

Pandora now has a new integration with Instagram Stories

US-based music streaming and automated music recommendation Internet radio service Pandora has announced a new integration with Facebok-owned Instagram that aims to make it easy to share music and podcasts to users' Instagram Stories.

The ability to share Pandora content to Instagram is now available to all Pandora users, including those on the free tier. When someone views your story with Pandora content, they'll see a "Play on Pandora" button, said a report in 9to5Mac on Tuesday.

To share their Pandora song to Instagram, users need to tap the "Share" button in the Pandora app, then choose the new "Instagram Stories" option. Post that, they can customise the appearance in the Instagram app and more.

The feature also can be used to promote podcasts, which is a newer battleground between Swedish music streaming giant Spotify and Pandora these days. The former has spent on acquisitions and hosts a number of exclusive shows while Pandora is now benefiting from (new owner) SiriusXM's talk radio programming and its own "Genome" classification technology, according to the TechCrunch.

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