One Click to Date an IITian

No less puzzling is the “About’ section which claims that DateIITians is “based on the philosophy of a beautiful relationship which begins with buddy-ship (friendship) and results in developing and maintaining a meaningful relation, of course with the modern world definitions,” reported FirstPost. And soon after comes an accidental confession: “It is an endeavor to make it easier for the geeks out there in finding their perfect life partner.”

The conclusion drawn by a few is that the academic slog for the IIT-ians is long and unbalanced. The lack of experience or ‘socialization’ with girls is aggravated when they hit college. The IIT-bound boy remains – in the midst of changing sexual and social civilization – mostly chained to his textbooks, only to end up in college campuses where women are a tiny minority.

The greatest resistance to the site comes from men unwilling to date IIT girls, like this boy who said: “I’d rather not look for an IITian to date; she can be boring and unbearably geeky. Look, most of my friends in IIT have girlfriends from Delhi University, who are not into professional courses at all. That’s how the preferences vary.”