One Click to Date an IITian

Bangalore: There are a variety of reasons why the once-disdained nerd is now an A-grade boyfriend material. There are a few who think IITians are the best girls can ever get, be it looks, intelligence or money, they have it all! And thanks to the combined efforts of Chetan Bhagat and Aamir Khan, Indian girls have finally been convinced that the average IITian is indeed a heroic combination, reports Lakshmi Chaudhry for FirstPost., a social dating website is a unique platform for social dating with the world's most intelligent lot. The website received mixed reactions. While some were of the opinion that it was ridiculous, few others thought there was no harm in trying. It sounded like a matrimony site to a few.

“Many Girls think that they must have IITians, IIMites, Businessmen, Industrialists as their life partner and they want to meet them where they get the chance, isn’t true? I think so it is true,” declares its founder Layak Singh, an IIT-Kharagpur grad. But this is true in a country infatuated with all things IIT – be it degrees, husbands, or sperm.

The site which sells itself as “a new world of social dating” appears to be a site marketed by and for the boys. The home page, for instance, is littered with photos of pretty young things and some have been posed with little flirty little lines like “Will you be my date?” and “What’s up buddy?”