Offensive Defense - Cyber Security and the 21st Century

Offensive Defense - Cyber Security and the 21st Century
“The more systems we secure, the more secure we all are”-Jeh Johnson

Cybercrime is one of the biggest battles we are a part of, in the 21 st Century. According to a report, 67% of small and micro businesses have experienced a cyber-attack, 58% have suffered a data breach within the last 12 months.

The result is the growth of career opportunities in Cyber Security. In this fast-paced world of people wanting instant solutions to everything, the internet has taken over every sphere of economy. Due to which the organisations have grown vulnerable to cyber crimes and privacy issues than ever before.

With the availability of several direct means of money available online, cybercriminals can easily access your personal and financial details. The theft can be quantitative and qualitative both. To stay away from these kinds of heavy losses, companies hire cybersecurity experts to keep a check and prevent these crimes from happening. Non-monetary damages are more horrifying as they can lead to blackmailing and intrusion of private or highly confidential documents.

Cybersecurity, thus, creates a space for individuals to produce a future-proof career. India is at a stage where the demand for skilled professionals is high, making it a favourable career choice.

To create a wall against online thefts and privacy invasions, we need to inspire the youth to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Various short-term cybersecurity courses in India, offered by reputable Institutions such as Jigsaw Academy, can help you develop the necessary skill set to kick start a thriving career in online security.

Nowadays, organizations are prioritising their data security above anything else. The increasing dependence of today’s world and connectivity on the Internet creates a need to have more robust security measures in place against cyberattacks.

Besides cybersecurity analyst, there are various other job profiles including Network Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Security Architect, Cyber Security Manager and Chief Information Security Officer that offer a higher pay scale and work opportunities.

Those who opt to go for cybersecurity jobs will get excellent opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Various cybersecurity certifying courses are providing specialization to become a step closer to cybersecurity expertise.

Cybersecurity frauds are spreading like wildfire, which is why confidentiality is of crucial importance in every organisation. The need of the hour is to produce and meet the supply of required cyber experts. The aim is to protect the interest of companies against hacking and exploiting of data.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning is also an integral part of learning cybersecurity. This enables to create systems which help detect possible breaches. The increase in digitisation must lead to a transparent approach and access to much personal information available online. Cyber Security is shifting the Cyberspace to a more secure tomorrow for a safer digital world.

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