NoScope Gaming and Kerala Govt. to Invest 350 Crore in Esports and Ed-tech Collab

NoScope Gaming and Kerala Govt. to Invest 350 Crore in Esports and Ed-tech Collab
In a significant endeavor to revolutionize the intersection of esports and education technology, NoScope Gaming, based in Hyderabad, is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking collaboration with the Government of Kerala. This partnership entails a comprehensive and forward-looking strategy for the sports industry in the region. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Sports Minister V Abdurahiman unveiled this momentous alliance during the highly successful International Sports Summit Kerala 2024 (ISSK 2024), marking a pivotal juncture for sports and education in Kerala. At the summit, NoScope Gaming introduced the KEA (KERALA ESPORTS APEX) project aimed at advancing esports development. NSG actively advocated for the integration of esports education and technology across the state, fostering a synergistic initiative for growth and innovation, with a substantial investment of 3.5 billion.
V Abdurahiman, the Sports Minister, expressed at the NSG Arena, "NoScope Gaming's initiative is truly groundbreaking. With the increasing popularity of esports in the state, partnering with NoScope Gaming provides an opportunity to foster the sport from its grassroots. We are excited about this partnership and express our gratitude to NSG for such a substantial investment. This substantial financial commitment reflects our dedication to the development of esports and the implementation of educational technology programs in schools across Kerala. To begin the esports revolution in Kerala and transform it into a sporting phenomenon, we plan to organize over 500 esports awareness camps throughout the state. The success of The International Sports Summit Kerala 2024 marked a considerable achievement for NoScope Gaming, and this partnership paves the way for a groundbreaking chapter in the realm of sports".
The NSG Arena, a highlight of ISSK 2024, garnered enthusiastic reactions from delegates, ministers, former Indian cricketers, and sports magnates. Ravi Achanta, CEO of NoScope Gaming, unveiled an ambitious project plan at the summit, capturing the attention of a large audience, including the press, ministers, and delegates. His perspective on Noscope Gaming's mission is nothing short of a movement. Proudly expressing, "We are the pioneers in India, introducing grassroots development and talent identification in esports, aiming to place India prominently on the global map of competitive gaming. The mission is crystal clear - cultivating esports as a feasible career option for the youth through mentoring and guiding them towards their desired goals, fostering a culture of positive play".
More than 50 participants engaged in a high-stakes competition on a grand stage, capturing the attention of a large audience. This spectacle not only mesmerized the spectators but also showcased the immense potential of esports right in the heart of Kerala. It was a thrilling moment, revealing the unbridled power and excitement that esports could bring to the forefront of entertainment. NoScope Gaming's KEA project for the Government of Kerala aspires to position the state as a global leader in esports. The initiative includes integrating esports into school curricula, organizing awareness camps to stimulate interest in esports, establishing technology-driven training centers for talent development, incorporating advanced technology in sports rehabilitation centers, and hosting competitive championships to showcase Kerala's prowess in esports.
The impactful revelation during the highly acclaimed International Sports Summit Kerala 2024 (ISSK 2024) marks a crucial juncture for both sports and education in the region, symbolizing a transformative path towards establishing esports as a viable career choice for the youth in India. As a leading esports and technology company, NoScope Gaming is deeply devoted to fostering talent at the grassroots level, organizing prestigious tournaments, and pushing the boundaries of innovation in both esports and education technology. Our commitment extends across professional and grassroots gaming, positioning NoScope Gaming to bring about a revolutionary shift in the gaming landscape, not only in India but also on a global scale.