No Cloud, No Mobility: Bajaj

No Cloud, No Mobility: Bajaj

Cloud has emerged at a neck wrecking speeds; Security and data privacy are major concerns while operating on cloud which IT cranium needs to handle in one piece and step ahead for cutting edge technology processes.

Transforming Cloud with Big Data and Mobility

Mobility today is just because of cloud platform, there is almost no mobility possible without a cloud. When a process runs on mobility; by default cloud is a member working in the background. Be it to reach an organizational employee or the end customers with a significant mobile application without having a delivery coming from a cloud is a part of process, which proves cloud technology to be an implicit solution for a mobile solution today.

Big Data, an another interesting trend today goes with a couple of issues while operating on cloud. A very careful evaluation is needed whether or not cloud is always the right solution because the solution nature of the problem statement and the speed at which the data communication takes place is stringent. Pouring the data on the cloud can also impact the size of network and pipeline operations. It would not have adequate band width since there is a really significant size of data coming in and to architect the right solution, perhaps cloud becomes the limiting factor. Looking at cloud as a point of solution with technology aspects; yes it is the right solution since it can scale on demand. A very interesting architecture using cloud process can be achieved, but enterprises need to be very careful about how to implement cloud for big data, and must have a consideration of cloud requirements in the network, constrains and the stretch that is to be created in the network.

Cloud Computing market in India

Adoption of cloud in Indian market is at an early stage of consumption. There is a lot of reluctance which clients face to use clouds across the Asian market. The success is based on few factors; as some enterprises use cloud to transform their business, if they see good successes where it is possible to deploy mobility solutions, collaborative solutions using cloud at every platform then the client will be glad to run the solution in their environment or from a data center where the client is comfortable with.

Ahead in Future

There are very clear benefits in adoption of cloud which will increase more both in terms of business performances and the IT cost performance and without giving any reasons for the technology to remain stagnant, as enterprises rely on technology; adoption will take its own time.

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