Myths about the Great White North

Myths about the Great White North

The Great White North, famously known as Canada, is the second biggest country in terms of area. It welcomes more than 300,000 immigrants annually. With such a high volume of immigrants, a few myths got common among the people living around. When these immigrants return home or any Canadian visit abroad, pandora box myths start circulating among these people.

Interestingly, the farther one lives in Canada, the more mysterious and superstitious concepts he has in his mind about the Great White North. But Canadians are generous enough that they always welcome outsiders. All you need is to pass a simple citizenship test to be a Canadian. Just prepare Canadian citizenship test questions to ace it. Well, let’s get back to the myths that you might have heard or can hear sometime in the near future. 

Is There Snow Everywhere?

Canada has got The Great White North for a reason. In this, white signifies the snow; that’s why most people think there’s snow everywhere. In actuality, winter is just one season, just like multiple other countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Canada is blessed with all four seasons, but their length can vary depending upon where you are located. When it comes to area, Canada is a mighty country, with ten provinces. Each province has its own capital.

So, season variation between these territories is quite natural. There are mainly three months of the winter season, but November to March is usually famous for the snowy season. In contrast, certain areas like Vanocur hardly receive any snow or any freezing temperature. Summertime, especially during May to September, temperature touches the 30s. So, it’s a kind of mixed weather throughout Canada.

Does Everyone in Canada Play Hockey?

As it’s famous in India that everyone plays cricket, the same goes for Canada. Though cricket flows through the veins of Indians just like hockey for Canadians, but a major chunk of the population neither plays nor watches them. Just like the cricket world cup warms the heart of Indians, Canadians feel energized during the winter Olympics. Yeah, everyone likes to watch and play hockey during that season, but afterward, there’s nothing.

Stats show that during the past twenty years, golf has dominated the Canadian hearts and land. Even Hockey night in Canada only receives 2 million viewership which is just 5% of the total population.

Everyone Speaks French

Undoubtedly, French is the second most common language in Canada. Even students are taught this at the primary school level, but except in a few areas, Canadians know very little about French. Quebec and New Brunswick hold a considerable amount of French-speaking people, while Ontario or Manitoba doesn’t account much for it.

Out of the total, only 22.8% of the Canadian population can speak French. So, next time, if someone says that Canadians are French-speaking, show them numbers!

The Bottom Line

Canada is a place filled with natural diversity and cultural integrity. Due to its vast area, seasonal variations are not a big deal. Canada is so big that one square kilometer of the area holds only four people. That’s why it always welcomes outsiders to come and explore their beloved country.