My Secret Ways to Promote Your Business

My ?Secret? Ways to Promote Your Business

There is a hidden secret regarding online marketing strategy I have seen over time that makes or breaks more businesses than any other.

The reason why I call it a ‘secret’ is not because no one knows about it, but because not many do it.

However, it is so important to understand this basic philosophy of marketing, which I am calling a secret.

A Difference Between Welcome Guest and Pest

How do you feel when your dearest friend shows up at your door?

Compare this with how you feel when an unknown person is selling door-to-door and disrupts your family time or dinner.

Compare this with how you feel when an unknown person is selling door-to-door and disrupts your family time or dinner.

What is the main difference?

Your friend is a guest you have a connection and relationship with. A salesperson is a pest. You don’t even know who he is, and most probably you don’t even need or want what he is selling. He is actually an unwelcome element.

The welcome guest (your friend), has value and importance for you while the pest (salesperson), is just there to interrupt you.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could approach your potential client with a positive impression so that they can treat you as a welcome guest rather than a pest?

Selling out of the blue becomes easier when you're greeted with open arms by your customer and when he is excited about what you have to offer.

So the secret we are talking about here is being sure to get in front of people you know are already interested. In other words, your “ideal” client.

Your ideal client of course varies from business to business but some usual ways to tell is by looking for people that have already bought similar products to yours (You can get these from list brokers).

What Is the Goal of Your Advertising?

The majority of business people are naive about the particular purpose or goal of their advertising and marketing. They punch the name of their company on their advertisement material with a nice company logo and some pointless motto and slogans claiming to be the frontrunner in their area or industry.

If you ask them exactly what the goal of their advertising and marketing is, the majority of them will say it is to market their products and services or to “get the word out there”.

This is drastically wrong! They could be flushing their money down the toilet.

The whole aim of your advertising and marketing is not to immediately make your sale - it is to find those who are interested in exactly what you offer.

You should put all these people on a follow-up list so that you can easily create value for them, present yourself as an expert and create a connection built on confidence.

One of the ways to do this would be to attend events and expos to make people aware of you and your business. You might rent a 20x20 trade show booth at any event and give out gifts and great deals to the attendees in exchange for their contact information. Then follow-up with them via email or phone calls looking to get an appointment and show them other solutions to their problems (Not sales meetings).

Try to Become Farmers Instead of Hunters

Imagine for a second that you are a hunter. You get out of bed early morning, get your guns and go out for the hunt. You come back with a deer on your shoulder, and your family eats it. Some days later you and your family are hungry. You take on the pressure of hunting every single day - it is actually a constant challenge.

Now imagine for a second that you are a farmer. You plant the seeds and wait for all of them to be ready for the harvest. Meanwhile, you foster them. Once they are ready, you begin harvesting.

In my opinion, the majority of businesses are actually hunters - not farmers.

So what do hunters do for their survival?

They make courtesy or cold calls to build relations with new customers. They invest their time and effort in finding new potential customers and do every little thing to finalize the deal as quickly as possible.

Their advertising and marketing usually reeks of desolation because they try discounting and rivalling their selling price just to make quick sales. They put effort into convincing those people who are not interested in their service or product to reconsider.

So what do farmers do?

They find their market (their land) and sow seed (their message and unique value proposition) and then keep watering (following up) until they start reaping their harvest (you know what that means - $).

So my advice is to take my tips above and to be a farmer, it is much more sustainable (And a lot more fun) in my estimation.

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